Whether it was a spur of the moment decision, a drunken mistake or the harrowing reminder of an old flame, there are many reasons why people might want to consider a tattoo removal in London. Those going through the laser treatment process should be aware of two things: firstly, it can be painful and secondly, results will not become noticeable straight away. It may take three or four sessions before the offending tattoo has faded enough to be consigned to history. It is also not a quick fix solution, because of how ink reacts with the skin, it cannot be removed immediately and laser sessions need to be scheduled weeks or even months apart.

How much does tattoo removal in London cost?

Having ill-considered tattoos removed can be a costly and time consuming exercise, but Groupon has special offers available to help customers with the financial side of things. Clearly it depends on the size of tattoo which is to be removed and how dark it is (along with other factors including colour, where on the body it is, and the original tattooist's level of proficiency.) As a guide, the process of removing a typical 4-inch tattoo will cost 8 to 12 times what it cost to get the tattoo done in the first place, however, discounts offered here can bring down that price. For tattoo removal London is the best place to go with dedicated specialists working from (amongst others) the renowned Harley Street and Fenchurch Street in the square mile. A number of local and suburban centres also offer this service.

Transforming unwanted ink into a thing of beauty

As an alternative but tallying option to removing catastrophic tattoos, there are a number of London tattoo removal specialists who offer a so called 'cover-up' service. In this procedure, the offending ink is hidden behind a new and satisfactory design. To eliminate any painful or embarrassing connotations that the previous tattoo had caused, customers may consider this as a more cost effective alternative to tattoo removal. The popular Channel 4 series Tattoo Fixers is filmed in a real tattoo parlour in East London's fashionable Hackney. The three artists working from here are an example of the many skilled cover up specialists working from the capital. Examples of successful work which has been carried out on grateful customers can be found here to give an idea of the scope available to those considering getting tattoos removed in London.

Is a tattoo removal safe?

Just like tattoo artists, people who offer a removal service in London vary in quality, so it is always worth going to a reputable clinic. This handy guide has a series of frequently asked questions to educate and inform people about removing old and unwanted tattoos. The decision to have tattoo removed can be just as difficult as the decision to get one, and the best removal services will help you decide if it’s really what you want to do, so don’t be afraid to drop in for some advice.

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