No longer just a treat for the rich and famous, liposuction is now much more readily available and affordable. Many clinics offering liposuction in London are based on the world-famous Harley Street. The combination of expertise and accessibility make London a great location for liposuction. The London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic offers a range of liposuction techniques, including laser-assisted, radio frequency and ultrasound-assisted procedures. Treatments available at The Hamlet Clinic include VASER Lipo, which can be performed on 18 different parts of the body and promises faster recovery times and a fully authentic job, ensuring your treatment looks natural. Additionally the clinic offer various other treatments such as fat transfers and gender enhancement.

London liposuction attracts global patients

London has become a top destination for those travelling from around the UK and abroad to receive liposuction. Patients from all over Europe and the Middle East travel to London to get the best treatment from top surgeons who use the most current technology. Techniques such as VASER Hi-Def, which was introduced to the UK by Dr. Mike Comins at Hans Place Practice, are more widely available in London and performed by trained specialists. The experience and reputation of London liposuction clinics puts patients at ease and produces excellent results. VASER Liposelection offered by The Harley Body Clinic is gentler on the body than traditional liposuction and therefore recovery time is usually quicker. These less invasive techniques are very convenient for those travelling to London for treatment.

More men are choosing liposuction procedures in London

Men are becoming increasingly interested in undergoing liposuction procedures. Dr. Puneet Gupta is well-known through his practice and TV appearances, often treating male patients. Skilled specialists are able to perform liposuction techniques tailor-made for the male body. An absolute expert in his field, you can be certain the Dr Gupta will provide you with fully professional treatment with lasting results. The wide range of liposuction London has to offer makse it accessible to more people than ever. Berkley Square Medical offers Advanced Lipo Sculpture which goes beyond simple fat removal and focuses on creating a sculpted, athletic look specifically for men. Fat is removed or sculpted to enhance the look of the muscles and create a natural-looking finish.

London offers quick and easy liposuction

Clinics such as Landauer Cosmetic Surgery offer liposuction on small areas of the body using only local anaesthetic, therefore patients can be released the same day. The ease and convenience of these procedures make liposuction even more appealing for some. Laser-assisted liposuction is minimally invasive, allows the surgeon to sculpt the body more effectively and also results a quick recovery time for patients. Ultrasound-based liposuction techniques do not involve surgery and are even simpler. This technology is also used to tighten and smooth the skin for a complete transformation. With a wide range of types of liposuction available, such as i-Lipo at The London House, there is one to suit all needs.

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