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Everybody wants to be able to say: ‘I woke up like this’. With luscious eyelash extensions you can. Trust us, these babies are London proof. You can ride a Boris Bike, do rush hour on the tube, work like a trouper from 9-to-5 and then hit the hump-day drinks with incredible lashes every step of the way – and not a lick of mascara in sight. Find the best place to get your eyelash extensions in London with our top vouchers.

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Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions in Natual Look, 2D/3D Volume or 4D/5D Volume at Bon Bons Beauty (Up to 59% Off)
Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions
London 7.9 km
£70.00 from £29.00
59% discount_off
Half or Full Set of Eyelash Extensions with Optional Eyebrow Tint and Shape at Glam Laser Clinic (Up to 51% Off)
Individual Eyelash Extensions
London 7.3 km
£40.00 from £29.00
28% discount_off
Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions with Optional Eyebrow Shape and Tint at Radiance Clinic Ltd (Up to 76% Off)
Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions
West Wimbledon, London 8.0 km
£120.00 from £29.00
76% discount_off
Full Set of Semi-Permenent Eyelash Extensions at Chelsea Nails and Beauty Spa (51% Off)
Full Set of Eyelash Extensions
Chelsea 2.8 km
£80.00 £39.00
51% discount_off
Half or Full Set of Eyelash Extensions at Lash Design London in Knightsbridge (Up to 72% Off)
Half Set of Eyelash Extensions
Greater London 1.9 km
£140.00 from £45.00
68% discount_off
LVL Eyelash Treatment with Optional Tint at Bonbonsbeauty (Up to 53% Off)
LVL Eyelash Treatment
London 7.9 km
£40.00 from £19.00
52% discount_off
Full Set of Individual Eyelash Extensions at Bounce Salon (57% Off)
Full Set of Eyelash Extensions
East Dulwich 4.8 km
£75.00 £32.00
57% discount_off
Classic or Russian-Volume Full Set of Eyelash Extensions at Charlotte Beauty Centre (Up to 54% Off)
Full Set of Eyelash Extensions
Barnet 7.3 km
£50.00 from £25.00
80+ bought
50% discount_off
Full Set of Classic Eyelash Extensions at Candle Beauty (55% Off)
Eyelash Extensions
London 7.8 km
£55.00 £25.00
55% discount_off
Full Set of Individual Cashmere Eyelash Extensions at Essence Hair and Beauty Bar (47% Off)
Cashmere Eyelash Extensions
Essence Hair & Beauty Bar 9.8 km
£60.00 £32.00
47% discount_off
Eyelash Extensions at Vanity Style (52% Off)
Eyelash Extensions
London 4.4 km
£60.00 £29.00
52% discount_off
 Full Set of Designer or Russian Volume Eyelashes with Extra Volume Option at HMB Salon (Up to 60% Off)
Full Set of Designer Eyelashes
Chingford 10.2 km
£45.00 from £18.00
60% discount_off
Full Set of Natural- or Glamour-Look Eyelash Extensions at Lux Studio (Up to 59% Off)
Full Set of Eyelash Extensions
London 4.5 km
£60.00 from £29.00
52% discount_off
Full Set of Eyelash Extensions at Beautylicious (55% Off)
Full Set of Eyelash Extensions
Croydon 9.4 km
£65.00 £29.00
55% discount_off
LVL Lash Treatment at Body Best London (47% Off)
LVL Lash Treatment
London 3.2 km
£45.00 £24.00
47% discount_off
Eyelash Extensions with Optional Brow Wax and Tint from Fabulous Nails and Beauty Studio (Up to 58% Off)
Eyelash Extensions, Plaistow
London 2.7 km
£60.00 from £29.00
52% discount_off
Full Set of Silk Eyelash Extensions at Extensionique
Silk Eyelash Extensions
Woodford 8.8 km
Semi-Permanent Individual Eyelash Extensions at Obedient Beauty (36% Off)
Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions
Chingford, London 9.0 km
£45.00 £29.00
36% discount_off
Choice of Eye Treatment at Vanity'n'Varnish (Up to 59% Off)
Choice of Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatments
Cuffley 13.6 km
£40.00 from £24.00
40% discount_off
Eyebrow Shape and Tint or LVL Eyelash Treatment with Tint at Nu-Wave Laser and Beauty
Eyebrow Shape and Tint
Ealing 7.6 km
Eyelash Extensions at Glitter Angels at Boutique Beauty Spa (38% Off)
Eyelash Extensions
London 6.8 km
£40.00 £24.95
38% discount_off
Express Lashes or Full Set of Traditional or Natural Eyelash Extensions at Brows by Jade at Studio 144 (Up to 31% Off)
Express Lashes
Buckhurst Hill 11.5 km
£20.00 from £14.00
30% discount_off
Eyebrow Wax and Tint or Eyelash Extensions or Both at E Scissorhands (Up to 52% Off)
Eyebrow Wax and Tint
London 4.9 km
£16.00 from £11.00
31% discount_off
False Eyelash Extensions with Eyebrow Thread and Tint at Wink Spa Hair and Beauty (Up to 37% Off)
False Eyelash Extensions
Feltham 13.7 km
£30.00 £19.00
37% discount_off
Individual Flare Lashes with Optional Brow Shape and Tint at Lily Hair and Beauty (Up to 49% Off*)
Choice of Eyelash Extension
Edgeware 9.7 km
LVL Lashes with Optional Eyebrow Waxing or Threading and Eyebrow Tint at Vanity (Up to 53% Off)
LVL Lashes
Barkingside 10.5 km
£40.00 from £19.00
52% discount_off
Waxing on Area of Choice at Queens Beauty Spa (Up to 69% Off)
Brazilian or Hollywood Wax
£25.00 from £10.00
60% discount_off

Eyelash Extensions in London: things to know before you go

Thanks to eyelash extensions, you can work, play and even go for a dip in the local lido with gorgeously full lashes. That’s what makes them such a great gift for women. Check out our answers to these common questions before browsing our eyelash extensions deals in London and finding a salon that’s right for you.

What's better: eyelash extensions or false eyelashes?

Eyelash extensions are better than false eyelashes in a number of ways:

  • Semi-permanent finish will keep you blinking beautiful for up to six weeks
  • Crafted to perfection and expertly fitted by a beautician
  • Customisable and personalised around every detail, from the lash fibre to the length is your call
  • More natural finish which enhances your unique look

False lashes are a cheaper option. But if you want to wake up everyday with dream lashes, then eyelash extensions are a more permanent solution.

How long does it take to get eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions usually take 1-2 hours – also getting a full set fitted can take twice as long. Your beautician will carefully apply a single fake eyelash to each one of your eyelashes with tweezers. With 150 to 200 lashes on each eyelid, it’s no wonder the whole process can take a few hours. However, compared to other beauty and spa treatments in London, this is no time at all – and it’s well worth the wait. Eyelash extensions deliver a luscious look, and you’ll welcome the peace from the comfort of the beautician’s chair.

What should I know before getting eyelash extensions?

From makeup to maintenance, here’s the low down on how to make the most of your eyelash extensions:

  • Dare to bare. Don’t wear mascara to your appointment or use any oily products beforehand – this will make for a better glue application.
  • Tailor-made. You can choose the material, length and shape of your eyelash extensions, with a little help and advice from your beauty technician based on your natural lashes.
  • Top-ups. Refills are recommended every 2-3 weeks for full lushness.
  • Put down the wand. The magic wand has already been waved, so you can put down your mascara and enjoy a lower maintenance beauty regime.
  • Get ready to lay low. Once your eyelashes have been applied, it can take up to 12 hours for the glue to dry. Just avoid saunas, steam rooms and deep sea diving (if you can).
  • Daily upkeep. Brush your eyelashes gently in the morning and night with a clean mascara brush to keep your eyelash extensions looking fresh.
  • No lash rash. Professional treatments shouldn’t cause any lash damage.

How hard is it to remove eyelash extensions?

If you want to remove your eyelash extensions, you should book an appointment with a technician to avoid damaging your natural ones. However, remember that your eyelash extensions will fall out naturally. They’re in tune with your natural hair cycle, so they will shed with your other lashes.


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