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Reflexology in London

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Life in London is exhilarating, exciting and vibrant – but living life in the fast lane can take its tool from time to time. With that in mind, it’s vital to take some downtime, allowing your mind, body and spirit to relax, recover and reset. Discover the benefits of holistic healing and discover the importance of looking after your body, mind and soul. Take a break from the city pace and grasp the opportunity to lie back, put your feet up and take some time for number one. Start unwinding now with relaxing deals on reflexology in London.

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Reflexology Diploma Online Course at Online Academies (81% Off)
Reflexology Online Course
£99.99 £19.00
80% discount_off
30- or 45-Minute Tui Na or Acupressure Massage with Optional 30-Minute Acupuncture at Golden Healthcare (Up to 68% Off)
Choice of Massage
London 6.8 km
£35.00 from £15.00
57% discount_off
Choice of One-Hour Massage at Thai Angels Massage & Spa (Up to 33% Off)
One-Hour Massage
London 3.4 km
£60.00 £39.95
33% discount_off
Choice of Massage With Acupuncture for £19 at Aneugene Health Centre (Up to 68% Off)
Choice of Massage and Acupuncture
London 3.2 km
£60.00 £19.00
68% discount_off
Massage and Acupuncture of Choice at Nirvana Health (71% Off)
Massage and Acupuncture Package
London 7.1 km
£65.00 £19.00
70% discount_off
Cupping and Acupuncture from £18 at Mandarin Medical Centre (74% Off)
Acupuncture and Massage
London 3.3 km
£70.00 £18.00
74% discount_off
Choice of 30-, 60- or 90-Minute of Treatment Session at Sira Alternative Medicine (Up to 61% Off)
Choice of 30-Minute Treatment
London 0.6 km
£35.00 from £15.00
57% discount_off
Electro Acupressure Massage With Cupping Therapy or Acupuncture from £19 at Water Lily Health & Beauty
Acupressure Massage With Cupping
Richmond 8.4 km
from £19.00
Choice of Three 30-Minute Treatments at Sira - Alternative Medicine
90 Minutes of Treatments
London 0.6 km
Choice of One-Hour Couples Massage at Thai Angels Massage & Spa (Up to 28% Off)
One-Hour Couples Massage
London 3.4 km
£110.00 £79.00
28% discount_off
One-Hour Deep Tissue Massage at Holistic Healthcare Clinics (60% Off)
One-Hour Deep Tissue Massage
Central London 0.9 km
£89.00 £24.00
73% discount_off
30- or 60-Minute Sports or Deep Tissue Massage at Fit Body London, Two Locations (Up to 55% Off)
Sports or Deep Tissue Massage
Multiple Locations 2.1 km
£40.00 from £18.00
55% discount_off
60-Minute Swedish Massage at Peachy Peel (54% Off)
60-Minute Swedish Massage
Camden Town 2.2 km
£50.00 £22.95
54% discount_off
One Hour Deep Tissue Massage at London Health and Wellbeing (Up to 69% Off)
One Hour Deep Tissue Massage
off Liverpool Street 2.0 km
£89.00 £27.00
69% discount_off
Choice of 30- or 60-Minute Massage at Need Massage Therapy, South Bank (Up to 57% Off)
Choice of 30-Minute Massage
Alpha House 1.5 km
£30.00 from £17.00
43% discount_off
One-Hour Swedish, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue or Indian head Massage at London Massage 4u (Up to 30% Off)
Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage
Harley street 1.0 km
£50.00 £35.00
30% discount_off
Chiropractic Consultation and One or Two Treatments at Hirschmann Health (81% Off)
Chiropractic Treatment
london 1.3 km
£155.00 £29.00
81% discount_off
One-Hour Ayurvedic Massage at Healing Sparsh (44% Off)
One-Hour Ayurvedic Massage
Healing Sparsh Ayureda (Dr. Alex) 5.2 km
£70.00 £39.00
44% discount_off
One-Hour Thai Classic or Foot Massage at Central Thai Massage (29% Off)
One-Hour Thai Massage
London 7.7 km
£45.00 £32.00
28% discount_off
One-Hour Thai, Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage at Opulence at Opulence Hotel (42% Off)
One hour Thai, Swedish or Deep tissue
Opulence Spa at Opulence Hotel 1.5 km
£65.00 £37.95
41% discount_off
45-Minute Deep Tissue Massage at Back to Health Chiropractic Clinics (67% Off)
45-Minute Deep Tissue Massage
Richmond 8.3 km
£45.00 £15.00
66% discount_off
Choice of 30 Minute Massage at Home of Waxing (Up to 55% Off)
Choice of 30-Minute Massage
London 1.9 km
£30.00 £14.95
50% discount_off
One, Two or Three Sessions of Pressotherapy Lymphatic Massage at Beauty & Shine (Up to 72% Off)
Pressotherapy Lymphatic Massage
Lambeth 2.5 km
£65.00 from £18.00
72% discount_off
50-Minute Swedish Massage at Beauty and Melody Spa, Three Locations (48% Off)
50-Minute Swedish Massage
Multiple Locations 0.3 km
£75.00 from £39.00
48% discount_off
50-Minute Relaxing Candlelit Couples Massage using Essential Oils (Up to 54% Off)
Candlelit Couples Massage
Knightsbridge 1.9 km
£150.00 from £69.00
54% discount_off
30-Minute Back, Neck and Shoulder Swedish Massage at Roll Fit & Beauty (36% Off)
30-Minute Swedish Massage
Burnham 22.6 km
£25.00 £16.00
36% discount_off
Up to Three Sessions of Full-Body Pressotherapy at Good Hand Therapy (Up to 74% Off)
Full-Body Pressotherapy
London 2.8 km
£65.00 from £18.00
72% discount_off

Reflexology in London: things to know before you go

Read all about reflexes and embrace the holistic with our Q&A on reflexology in London and learn everything you need to know before you go.

What is reflexology and how does it work?

Reflexology is an alternative form of massage therapy usually performed on the hands or feet. It aims to relieve stress, encourage relaxation and treat illnesses.

Believed to have originated in mystical ancient therapies, reflexology centres on the belief that certain pressure points on your hands and feet are connected to specific parts of the body – including internal organs and muscles – and can therefore be used to manipulate problem areas. Reflexology can also reduce mental tension, anxiety and more.

Sometimes referred to as zone therapy, reflexology is a non-intrusive treatment, classed as an alternative medicine or complimentary therapy. Some places offer a session of reflexology in conjunction with other treatments. For example, at Aneugene Health Centre, a 60-minute session will involve both reflexology and acupuncture for the ultimate in holistic healthcare. If you’re interested in finding out more about this treatment, you can also find a great deal on reflexology online training courses.

Is reflexology effective?

While reflexology might not work for every individual, its popularity among Londoners speaks volumes about the impact it has on those who have tried it. Several studies have been carried out to access the effectiveness of reflexology too, with some of the many benefits including:

  • Decreased anxiety
  • Lessened pain
  • Reducing stress
  • Enhanced sleep
  • Improved relaxation

What does reflexology feel like?

A reflexology session should feel calming, with a sensation similar to a regular foot massage. If you feel any discomfort during a treatment, mention it to the therapist or practitioner so they can adjust the session accordingly.

Of course, if you’re ticklish, you’ll probably find yourself in a fit of giggles at first – but this might be no bad thing if you need to relieve some stress.

What are the differences between acupressure and reflexology?

Despite both treatments targeting particular points on the body, acupressure and reflexology are actually very different.

While reflexology focuses mainly on pressure points on the hand and feet, acupressure is performed on various points across the whole body. It’s a traditional Chinese technique based on the belief that stresses and illnesses are caused by blockages in the body’s energy flow. The practitioner may use their hands, as in reflexology, but they also use needles, as they would in acupuncture.

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