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Sushi in London

Discover great Sushi deals near you


Refreshing and deceptively filling, Sushi can be a great go-to for a speedy lunch in between meetings or a brilliant way to spend an evening with friends. With the best sushi deals available far and wide across London, you can get your sushi fix anytime, anywhere. From street stalls in the East End to all you can eat banquets and Michelin-starred high-end dining in the West, we’ve got the best selection of sushi vouchers in London.

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26- or 52-Piece Sushi Platter for Two or Four with Drink at Iro Sushi
Sushi Platter for Two or Four
Multiple Locations 2.1 km
from £16.95
Dome Sushi and Asian Tapas Tasting Experience for One or Two at inamo (Up to 59% Off)
Dome Sushi Tasting Experience
inamo Camden 1.8 km
£61.00 from £24.95
59% discount_off
Up to £100 Toward Sushi at Daisuki Sushi (Up to 50% Off)
£40 Toward Sushi
London 1.2 km
£40.00 from £20.00
50% discount_off
Sushi Platter with Optional Sake for Two or Four at Kouzu (Up to 40% Off*)
Tokudai Platinum Bento Box
Belgravia 1.2 km
£61.00 from £39.50
35% discount_off
40- or 60-Piece Vegetarian Sushi Platter with Optional Glass of Prosecco Each for Two at Bite Me (Up to 53% Off)
Choice of Sushi Platter
Camden 2.7 km
£40.00 from £21.95
45% discount_off
Michelin Listed Seven-Course Japanese Tasting Menu for One, Two or Four at Kouzu (Up to 58% Off)
Seven-Course Tasting Menu
Belgravia 1.2 km
£69.50 from £29.50
57% discount_off
Tokudai Platinum Bento Box with Miso Soup and Optional Sake for Up to Four at Kouzu (Up to 45% Off)
Tokudai Platinum Bento Box
Belgravia 1.2 km
£30.75 from £19.00
38% discount_off
Four-Course Thai Meal with Lychee Cooler for Up to Four at Yum Sa Restaurant, Putney (Up to 59% Off)
Four-Course Thai Meal
London 5.0 km
£35.80 from £15.00
58% discount_off
Up to £40 Toward Asian Fusion Food and Drinks Inspired by the Izakaya’s of Japan at Kurobuta (50% Off)
£20 Toward Japanese Menu
London 1.8 km
£20.00 from £10.00
50% discount_off
AA Rosette Three-Course Dinner for Two or Four at Le Chinois Restaurant, Millennium Hotel Knightsbridge (50% Off)
AA Rosette Three-Course Dinner
Millennium Hotel Knightsbridge 1.6 km
£69.60 from £34.95
49% discount_off
All-You-Can-Eat Sunday Brunch Single Glass of Drink or Bottomless Drinks for Two at Yum Sa Restaurant (Up to 39% Off)
All-You-Can-Eat Sunday Brunch
London 5.0 km
£55.00 from £39.00
29% discount_off
Thai Taster Menu with Wine or Cocktail for Two or Four at ZappZaa Thai Cafe (47% Off)
Thai Taster Menu and Wine for Two
Uk 5.5 km
£56.00 from £29.95
46% discount_off
Two-Course Filipino Meal with Wine or Beer for Up to Four at Ading's Kitchen (Up to 50% Off)
Two-Course Filipino Meal with Wine
London 5.8 km
£21.79 from £11.95
70+ bought
45% discount_off
Two or Three Courses at The Crazy Bear from £19.50 (Up to 51% Off)
Two or Three Courses 
Multiple Locations 0.8 km
£39.90 from £19.50
51% discount_off
Bento Box with Wine for Up to Four at St James Court Hotel (Up to 40% Off)
Bento Box with Wine
London 0.9 km
£24.95 from £14.99
39% discount_off
Eight-Dish Sharing Menu with Glass of Bubbly for Two or Four at inamo, Three Locations (Up to 54% Off)
Eight-Dish Sharing Menu for Two with Bubbles
Multiple Locations 0.3 km
£126.90 from £57.95
54% discount_off
Two-Course Chinese Meal with Soft Drink for Two or Four at Tian Fu Restaurant (Up to 49% Off)
Two-Course Chinese Meal and Drink
London 1.2 km
£39.80 from £22.95
42% discount_off
Two-Course Meal with Wine for Two or Four at Baylis House (Up to 34% Off)
Two-Course Meal with Wine
Slough 20.6 km
£40.96 from £29.00
29% discount_off
Seafood Platter with Lobster and Premium Champagne at The Crazy Bear £29.50 (50% Off)
Seafood Platter with Lobster and Premium Champagne
Multiple Locations 0.8 km
£58.90 from £29.50
49% discount_off
Three-Course Meal with Drink for Two at Trader Vic's Restaurant and Cocktail Bar (Up to 53% Off)
Three-Course Meal with Drink
Trader Vic's 1.1 km
£116.00 £54.00
53% discount_off
Thai and Asian Cookery Class at The Smart School of Cookery (Up to 71% Off)
Thai and Asian Cookery Class
Multiple Locations 4.5 km
£99.00 from £32.00
67% discount_off
Vietnamese Cookery Class at The Smart School of Cookery (Up to 69% Off)
Vietnamese Cookery Class
Multiple Locations 4.5 km
£99.00 from £32.00
67% discount_off
Two or Five Cocktails and One or Two Appetizers at Kurobuta (Up to 47% Off)
Two Cocktails and Appetizer
London 1.8 km
£31.00 from £19.00
38% discount_off
Two-Course A La Carte Meal for Two with Optional Wine to Share at Frankie & Benny's, Nationwide (Up to 55% Off)
Frankie & Benny's: Two Courses for Two
Multiple Locations 0.1 km
£44.96 from £19.99
55% discount_off
Choice of Afternoon Tea with Optional Prosecco for Two at Corus London Hyde Park (Up to 46% Off)
Choice of Afternoon Tea, Hyde Park
London 2.3 km
£39.00 from £21.00
46% discount_off
Vegan Arancini Wrap or Salad with Fries and Drink for Up to Four at Arancini Brothers, Three Locations (Up to 56% Off)
Vegan Wrap or Salad with Fries
Multiple Locations 1.6 km
£10.65 from £5.95
44% discount_off
Two-Course Meal or Steak with Sides and Sauces to Share for Two at Gaucho, Six Locations (Up to 37% Off*)
Gaucho Steak Dining, 6 Locations
Multiple Locations 0.7 km
from £35.00

Sushi in London: things to know before you go

All the big questions about where and how to eat sushi in London, answered in one place.

Where can I get the best sushi in London?

There’s a ton of great sushi available in London. Based on Groupon user ratings and Michelin stars, here’s some of the best places serving up this Japanese delicacy in the capital.

  • The Sushi Café. This relaxed spot provides a daily selection of sushi and sashimi in Battersea. The owners spent two years learning the art of precisely cooking sushi rice, then a further three years learning how to properly cut fish. Their obsession is your satisfaction.
  • Iro Sushi. If you want to eat great sushi from the comfort of your own home, Iro Sushi won the award for Most Loved Sushi Takeaway in London in 2017. It has locations in Clapham and Lewisham, and will bring the fresh fish right to your office or home – perfect for treating the office to lunch, or just yourself.
  • The Araki – For a Michelin-starred Sushi restaurant in London, it has to be the Araki. Only nine people can sit at the table of Chef Mitsuhiro Araki, but when you emerge two and a half hours later you’ll have a whole new appreciation of Japanese food.

What kind of sushi is best for beginners?

The thought of eating raw fish can put some people off trying sushi. The best types to try for beginners are sushi rolls, which usually contain more cooked ingredients.

  • The Tiger Sushi Roll is a pretty easy sell. It contains prawn tempura, avocado and cucumber and is served with an eel sauce that gives it a tiger-like print. The prawn is cooked, so there’s no though of raw fish to put you off.
  • The Spicy Tuna Roll is also a great place to start. Containing tuna, rice and a dash of spicy mayo, this an instant classic among sushi beginners.
  • The Dragon Sushi Roll is a bit more advanced. While the base may differ somewhat depending on where you order it, it comes with a sheet of eel on top.

What kind of tea goes best with sushi?

Agari is a type of traditional green tea you’ll usually find served in sushi bars and restaurants in London. It’s made from konacha, the small leaves and buds left over from the process of creating more specialist green teas. You might have noticed that it’s served very hot – because it’s meant to remove the oils of previous sushi from your mouth before you try the next dish. As it’s more a palate cleanser, it’s traditionally served for free – bonus!

Can I get all you can eat sushi in London?

All you can eat sushi is a great way to get your fill while avoiding gloopy, dried-out dishes that have been sat under a heat lamp for hours. Inamo is a great example and it’s served up in several central London locations, including Camden, Covent Garden and Carnaby so you’re sure to find one near you. Here, the sushi is served alongside meatier delicacies, such as Korean BBQ ribs and chicken wings. Roll on the meat sweats.