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Waxing deals in Manchester with Groupon

Manchester is filled with great locally owned waxing salons, and there is no better place to achieve the smooth, silky skin you’ve been dreaming of. With lots of deals on waxing from Groupon you’ll be able to enjoy professional results for less.

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You might be wondering what exactly all the fuss about waxing is, and we’re here to help, with a few pointers about how waxing works, the results you can expect and why Manchester is such a good place for waxing.

Getting waxed for the first time

Waxing is a straightforward procedure, but what if you’ve never been to a professional before? Waxing generally involves placing hot wax or specially made waxing strips on top of the hair and then quickly ripping it off, pulling the hair out by its roots. While waxing can be used for total hair removal, it can also be used for styling or applying definition to hair, making it a great choice for shaping your brows. Most waxing kits you buy from a shop will contain waxing strips that you’ll either heat with your hands or pop in the microwave before pulling them off. Waxing yourself can be difficult and painful, with limited end results.

A trip to a professional waxing salon will give you better results and will usually be much less painful because of the therapists’ experience and the higher quality wax that they use. The great thing about waxing is that the more sessions you have, the easier it becomes. Waxing causes hair growth to thin, so not only are you removing unwanted hair, less of it will grow back too!

You might be a little nervous at the idea of stripping down for an intimate wax, but waxing therapists are trained professionals and they will do their best to make the experience as fast, efficient and painless as possible. If you’re uncomfortable about exposing all, then most salons will offer paper underwear or allow you to wear your own, although the oils can damage clothes so don’t wear your favourite undies! Be warned though, wearing underwear during intimate waxing can make the process last much longer.

After waxing you’ll immediately see the results with visibly smoother and hairless skin. While shaving and epilating can leave your skin tender, dry or irritated, waxing will be mostly painless after the procedure is completed, leaving you with nothing to worry about other than enjoying the results. It can take 4-8 weeks for hair to grow back completely, so waxing is a great choice if you can’t be doing with the daily hassle of grooming your body hair. For a short period after your waxing, you should try to avoid doing anything that’s too hard on your skin. A good routine of moisturising the waxed areas will help your results to last even longer and gentle exfoliation will stop any pesky itchiness when your hair starts to grow back.

Where to get waxed in Manchester

Manchester is filled with great locally owned and run that offer you the absolute best in results. Whether you’re looking for underarm, leg or intimate waxing you’ll be able to find a salon staffed with trained professionals to achieve exactly what you’re looking for. Waxing salons can be found throughout the city centre and by the riverside, with easy connections and access to shopping and leisure facilities if you’d like to make the absolute most of your day. Many of these salons also offer a selection of spa treatments, so you can combine your waxing with some relaxation and really make a day of it. For a little helping hand why don’t you try taking advantage of the handy maps and customer reviews included with Groupon’s deals to help find the perfect salon in the right spot of Manchester for you.

With great deals from Groupon on waxing in Manchester, you’ll be sporting silky smooth skin and ready for the beach in no time.