Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of healthcare known to man and goes back thousands of years. Proponents believe that conditions of illness or pain are caused when the patient's vital energy, called 'ki' or 'qi,' is blocked or unable to flow properly. Very thin, sterile, single use needles are then inserted at various key points in the body to correct these blockages and let this energy flow normally. This releases the body's healing processes. Although originating in China, acupuncture is now widespread in the West and you should be able to find many good practitioners of acupuncture in Lancashire. When you choose your practitioner, Groupon money off vouchers could save you up to 70% on the bill.

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If you're new to acupuncture in Lancashire, your first session may be a little different to a visit to your GP. Acupuncture uses a 'holistic' approach to treatment and your practitioner may ask you lots of questions about your lifestyle as well as your condition before deciding on suitable treatment. Your Lancashire acupuncture professional may also advise on diet and lifestyle changes to complement your treatment. Using our vouchers can make courses of treatment more affordable and allow you to concentrate on getting better rather than worrying about the cost. So when you're looking for acupuncture in Lancashire, remember that our vouchers can help relieve the cost while your practitioner relieves your symptoms.

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