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Restaurants in Warrington

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Restaurants in Warrington: things to know before you go

Not sure where to find the very best restaurants in Warrington? We’ve made it easy for you with your top questions answered!

Which is the best Indian restaurant in Warrington?

The best answer would be to try as many as you want to come to your own decision. Share recommendations with friends and ask for theirs, so you can eliminate a few suspects from your own inquiries. Alternatively, check out our own recommendations below for some top tips.

  • The Cottage offers superb seafood prepared with exotic spice and tons of flavour, all within a beautiful setting of a Grade II-listed building.
  • Sankey Street boasts stunning buildings and, in the case of Efe’s Brasserie, beautiful food too. Alongside the tasty Indian fare there’s also a Greek/Mediterranean menu to choose from.
  • Also on Sankey Street, you’ll find the Cinnamon Lounge, specialising in sizzling tandoori soaked in spices and grilled to perfection.

What types of restaurants are there in Warrington?

Whatever you’re in the mood for, Warrington has a delicious selection to choose from. When there’s tantalising Thai alongside spicy Mexican on the menu, your special occasion is in safe hands. We look at a few of the cuisines on offer.

  • Spanish. Tuck into tapas and guzzle a glass or two of sangria.
  • Thai. Try a Bangkok Thai feast that includes massaman curry and chicken satay at Goya Bistro.
  • Brazilian. A full meal at Bruno's Rodizio features 12 different cuts of meat with salad.
  • Middle Eastern. Enjoy moussaka, falafel, Turkish sausage and calamari at A La Turka.

Where can I get pizza in Warrington?

There are some excellent pizza restaurants in Warrington town centre. For inspiration on which to try first, ask your pals for their recommendations, or let us guide you to a few of the most interesting pizza places in town.

  • Pizza Express. As well as classic pizzas, Pizza Express offers a slightly slimmer alternative - Leggera pizzas. These wholemeal pizzas are less than 600 calories and have a hole in the middle filled with salad – perfect for when you need to be good.
  • The Old Sessions House. For an unusual pizza experience, check out The Old Sessions House in Knutsford, where you can make your own pizza from a range of toppings. There’s also a range of classic British meals here.
  • Delgados offers a wide selection of Italian cuisine alongside its most popular offering – steaming fresh, stringy cheesy pizza.
  • The Stonemill puts on a performance for pizza lovers, as staff show off their skills with pizza dough freshly spun and prepared before your eyes.

What are the most popular Italian pasta dishes?

Italian cuisine is worshipped the world over, its influence seen in everything from Chicago-style pizzas to the catch of the day at your local seafood restaurant. Here are a few of the world’s premier pasta preps.

  • Bolognese. A slow-cooked meat-based sauce best served with spaghetti. Ingredients include minced beef, onion, celery, carrot, tomato paste and wine.
  • Carbonara. A pasta dish made with egg, hard cheese such as pecorino or Parmesan, Italian cured pork and black pepper, also usually served with spaghetti.
  • Lasagne. Stacked layers of wide flat pasta, bolognese sauce and Béchamel sauce, topped with mouth-watering melted grated cheese.
  • Ravioli. These are a type of pasta dumpling with a filling, served in a sauce or broth. Popular fillings include spinach and ricotta, mushrooms and Italian sausage.