Many of us have fond memories of mini golf matches at the seaside. Desperately trying to hit a tiny gap between the clown's legs, or waiting as our golf balls slowly made their way underneath a windmill, was part of the holiday magic. But when was the last time you played mini golf? With Groupon, you can bring the holiday magic back with mini golf in Watford. And with TopGolf on your doorstep, the Watford mini golf scene is thriving. So take our vouchers down to enjoy some exciting adventure golf, but don't expect any holes in one.

Mini golf in Watford is a "hole" new world

This is surely one of the most enjoyable leisure offers around, but you may have overlooked the pleasures of mini golf in Watford. After all, for grown ups, there are bigger courses to tackle, yet the mini game retains a certain charm. Enjoy the unique chaos of mini golf in Watford at a huge discount with Groupon vouchers and feel the tension as you fight it out to hit through a dinosaur's nose on the 18th hole. Leisure offers don't come much more competitive than these vouchers, yet mini golf in Watford is also great outdoor fun, and with great bars and food on the side to make it fun for all the family. So grab some vouchers and size up that opening putt. It's time to cut that course down to size.

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