Paintball London Scene

Energetic, exciting and delightfully messy, a paintball war is a great option, whether you are planning a fun day out with family or are looking for a cute date-night idea. With the activity becoming increasingly popular, paintball arenas in London are going all out to design unforgettable experiences for customers. With props, specially constructed game zones, and imaginatively scripted story-lines, these parks ensure that you become totally involved in the game. So if you want to battle it out among ancient ruins or in the spookily named "Psycho Woods", head over to Mayhem at Ongar Road in central London. Alternately, movie buffs will love the game zones at Delta Force, which feature helicopters, tanks and other props from blockbuster movies. Celebrities like Usain Bolt and Wayne Rooney have also been known to frequent this arena! So no matter what kind of entertainment you seek, the paintball parks in London are more than ready to deliver.

Paintball Games for Kids

While there are many paintball arenas in London, some are more family-friendly than others. Parks like GO Paintball and Delta Force have special packages, just for kids. GO Paintball's junior package boasts of extra protective gear and soft impact paint pellets. Delta Force too, provides special equipment for children and their staff are trained to ensure kids' safety while they are in the arena. Additionally, these junior packages include a scrumptious pizza meal for the children in the group. So if you are looking for a fun idea for your pre-teen's birthday, these paintball parks might be the perfect place for it.

Paintballing, The Adult Way

Paintball games are far from being just a kids' activity. Many corporate groups have started hosting their outings in these arenas to bond with employees and build team spirit. With all the giggling and screeching that it involves, paintballing is popular among stag and hen parties too, and most parks have dedicated zones for these groups away from family crowds. For a truly bonding experience, host a Stags vs. Hens match. The friendly folk at Force 10 will arrange 'Stag Hunt' and 'Groom Assassination' games if you call beforehand. If you're up for some extra fun with costumes, head over to UKPaintball for their crazy bunny suits, nun outfits and jail clothes! Of course, all the colours and costumes offer fantastic photo opportunities too.

The Ultimate Paintball Fun in London

With the group packages that these arenas offer, paintballing is a fun activity to enjoy, even on a budget. Group packages would typically include all the gear you need and some arenas provide unlimited paint refills too. Additionally, parks like Ministry of Paintball offer flash deals and surprise bargains for registered customers. And if you are a truly competitive person, you will love the paintball London chapter of the international tournaments that they host. With so much on offer at such great rates, paintballing is one activity that anyone can enjoy.

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