Looking for a Shooting Range in London?

There is a varied selection of shooting ranges located throughout London, from traditional clubs to state-of-the-art modern facilities. One such facility is the Stock Exchange Rifle Club, which has an indoor air-conditioned range situated below London Bridge. They have six 25m lanes that are rated for .22 target rifle, .45 gallery rifle and a dedicated air pistol/air rifle range. Instructors and coaches are available through many of the clubs, such as the Borough of Wandsworth Rifle Club. The ranges at Wandsworth Club are both in- and outdoor, they are suitable for small bore, air rifle and air pistol shooting. There is a waiting list for membership to this club, which often competes in year-round competitions.

Join a Rifle and Pistol Club in London

One of the oldest clubs in London can be found in Twickenham near the Stadium. The Twickenham Rifle and Pistol Club was established in 1903 and has a full range of shooting equipment and firearms necessary to shoot at top competition level. Members must pass a probationary period, which is standard procedure for most shooting ranges run by clubs in the UK. The Hendon Rifle Club in North West London offers a good variety of airgun, lightweight sports and gallery rifle shooting ranges. They have a heated clubroom and a minimum starting age of 14 with discounted annual subscription rates for students (under 21) and senior citizens. The probationary period for new members is three months, which is shorter than some clubs, which usually have a six-month period.

London Shooting Range Facilities and Clubs

Join a rifle club in the capital city and take part in regular shooting competitions such as The Lord Salisbury and The Beaufoy. The Marylebone Rifle and Pistol Club uses the new top quality London Bridge shooting range and has its own club facilities in Bisley. They offer various of rifle shooting including full-bore, small-bore, F-class, Benchrest, Match and precision Black Powder shooting. Join the London Practical Shooting Club and take advantage of their economic membership fees. Their membership procedure follows standard national guidelines. The club does not have its own venue, but uses the shooting ranges at Bisley and Longmoor Camp, amongst others.

Rifle and Pistol Shooting Ranges in the Capital

Whether you are a beginner, competent or an advanced shot, the London Shooting Club can cater to your shooting requirements. It operates a concierge service to assist visitors in locating a shooting range in London, as well as clay and game shooting facilities. Students may be interested in joining the University of London Rifle Club, which uses the shooting ranges at Bisley and the new state-of-the-art facilities at London Bridge. In South London the Croydon Rifle and Pistol Club are worth checking out, as they have several ranges from small bore to full bore and have reasonably priced membership fees.

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