Whether you're planning a kid's birthday party or an office social function, these vouchers for paintball in Watford are just what you need. Paintball is a high energy war game invented in 1981, where instead of shooting the enemy with bullets you shoot with balls of brightly coloured paint. There are a whole range of different paintball games, from capture the flag, where teams work together to take a flag from the enemy base, to paintball assassin, that pits soldier against soldier in a battle for last man standing. Paintball in Watford is just one of the many leisure offers we have discounted on Groupon.

Play paintball in Watford for a bargain price

Using one of our Groupon vouchers can get you up to 70% off the original price for a session. That's a bargain worth fighting for! Additionally, these vouchers for Watford paintball and other leisure offers on our website can be bought as gifts for friends and family. One of our vouchers for a game of paintball in Watford could make a fantastic birthday gift for your nephew, or even a child-at-heart husband. They also make exciting end-of-year events with a difference, for school or corporate groups. The popularity of military video games in recent years have created a whole group of players wanting to live the experience for 'real'- paintball is a high adrenaline way to do just that! So grab a couple of vouchers for paintball in Watford and get ready for battle!

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