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Capsule Wardrobe Staples That Will Never Go Out of Fashion

BY: Laura Pearson Smith | 8 Oct 2015

We all love having a full and varied wardrobe; but there are certain daytime and evening fashion pieces that should always be in a woman’s capsule wardrobe. These staples are versatile and suit everyone. With them, you’ll never be short of something to wear again.

Essential Evening Capsule Wardrobe Basics

We’ve all heard that a ‘little black dress’ is a must-have, but it really is true. Be it a day at the office, a date, post-work drinks or a funeral, that black dress will see you through the good times and the bad. It’s also very easy to change the look of a simple black dress by pairing it with different shoes, accessories and jewellery dependant on the occasion. No wardrobe should be without one, so it’s worth spending a bit for quality so it will last a long time without shrinking or the colour fading. Reiss is a great place to go for a little black dress that will be with you for years.

Staying on the black theme (you can never go wrong with black), a clutch bag is another essential capsule wardrobe basic. You don’t want to go out at night, or to a fancy event, carrying a large tote bag. Something that is smart and is just big enough for your phone, a lipstick and some money is a must. You will always find a great one in Accessorize.

 A long evening dress is another must-have wardrobe staple. You never know when you might have to attend a black-tie event at the last minute. I would recommend quite a plain dress in a colour such as black, red or gold; as these can be worn to multiple events but disguised with different statement jewellery, boleros or wraps. You don’t need to spend a lot as it’s not something you’ll wear often, so think about heading to the likes of Coast or Monsoon to pick one up.

Essential Daytime Capsule Wardrobe Basics

I would recommend that every woman owns a pair of smart black leather ballerina flats, as these can be dressed both up and down. They can literally be work anywhere, and will save you if you are going to be on your feet all day. As with all shoes that you will wear often, opting for quality and an expert fitting is best. Clarks always offer some great comfortable and stylish black flats. All women should also have a selection of basic black and white vest tops in their capsule wardrobe. These go with everything and are always suitable if you can’t think of what else to wear. They also come in handy if a sheer top requires an extra layer underneath, for example. I usually buy quite cheap ones from Very and dispose of them regularly so that they are always crisp in colour and shape.

Finally, every capsule wardrobe needs a pair of casual trousers, be it jeans or leggings. Personally I opt for leggings, and always have multiple pairs of black ones as these are my daily outfit staple. They go with everything, and in the Winter, they can be worn under dresses instead of tights. Again, I buy cheap ones from Very and replace them as soon as they start to lose their shape. They are the perfect comfortable, throw-on fashion item; but can be dressed up too.

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