Cult Film Clubs in Manchester 24.11.2015

Cult Film Clubs   As the movie industry is so eager to tell us, piracy is ruining cinema! The ease with which people can download content online and watch in the comfort of their own home is driving the paying masses in doors rather than out into the meccas of cinematic glory dotted around the country. Though someone tinsel town continues to make a

The Manchester Jazz Festival
Manchester Jazz Festival The Manchester Jazz festival is unlike any other event on the jazz circuit. It features 10 days of contemporary jazz from not only the North West and the rest of the UK but also welcomes acts from all over the world, with many original pieces and international debuts taking place. Manchester Jazz Festival does however champ
Whitworth Art Gallery - The Best Bits
Manchester’s Whitworth gallery has just reopened after a huge extension. The award-winning architecture studio, MUMA, were employed to extend the iconic Victorian art gallery to the rear and to transform the inside, expanding the space available to the public by nearly double. The theme of the changes is Manchester’s ‘gallery in the park’. So the c
Best Bars on The Manchester Gay Scene - LGBT Women Special
Manchester has to be one of the most relaxed and open minded places to hang out in Europe if you are into the LGBT and gay scene. But as Morrissey sang of girls, some bars are bigger – or just better- than others, so we’ve compiled a guide to five venues that are particular favourites of LGBT women and their friends. We’ve included everything from
Open Mic Events in Manchester
With a huge and diverse musical history Manchester unsurprisingly draws scores of musicians to its shores in order to make a name for themselves. Not everyone can, but the cream usually rises to the top, and playing in front of a live audience is key to progressing as a performer. Thankfully Manchester’s music scene is a
Want to Get a Tattoo in Manchester?
From travel stamps to statements of belief, there’s a tattoo for every mood. With hand-drawn tattoos, personal designs and the artist’s own work to choose from, a tattoo can be a rite of passage, an adornment or a million things in between. And if you need inspiration, there’s cool ink everywhere you look in Manchester. One of the most recommended
Best Manchester Music Venues
Given that Manchester is the UKs second city (sssh Birmingham we all know it's true) and considering its musical heritage, it should come as no surprise to find that Manchester is jam packed with live venues. Some of the more iconic ones are sadly no more – The Hacienda is now swanky apar
Manchester Events to Send you Flying off the Wagon!
Dangers to Dry JanuaryAfter the excesses of the Christmas period it makes sense to have a little time off from liver punching amounts of booze and gout inducing foodstuffs. But the whole of January? Are you sure? That’s a lot of days. Thirty-one to be exact and we’re only just reaching the halfway mark. If you’re persevering with ‘Dry January’ or s
The Lowry - January and February Picks
The Lowry: Jan & Feb picksThe beauty of The Lowry Theatre is that it’s actually several theatres. This allows them to showcase the talent of tomorrow as well as champion the stars of today. Especially so when it comes to comedy. We’ve rounded up some of the best shows coming up in the next few months on the Salford Quays.Sara Pascoe vs History, Sat
New Year's Eve Manchester - Top 3 Things to Do
New Year’s Eve plansSo much emphasis is put on having the perfect New Year’s Eve that it can take a lot of the fun out of what is essentially a night out followed by a bank holiday. The vast array of options for where to go and who to choose for that midnight kiss can become a social minefield, where treading gently becomes a lot more difficult aft
Alternative Christmas Parties Manchester Has to Offer
A work Christmas party can turn even the cheeriest of people into Scrooge or the Grinch. So why not avoid the clichés and arrange your own? Here are some ideas to make sure yours goes with a bang and will ensure that you and your colleagues are left full of festive cheer.Christmas MarketsParagraphPerhaps not the most obvious party location but you
Where to Watch Football in Manchester
Once of a day in the centre of Manchester, football was frowned upon in the so called better pubs and bars of Manchester. A dirty little secret you had to get out of your system in some back alley dive that only sold cheese and onion crisps. Sure, bars would embrace World Cups and European Championships every other year for their own business sense