Chinese food has long been a favourite in the UK and dishes like special fried rice, Peking duck and noodles have become much loved by Brits. If you fancy taking a few of your friends and family members out for a meal, why not collect Chinese restaurant Vouchers in Brighton and enjoy discounts of up to 70%. Chinese cuisine is made up of dishes consisting of seafood, vegetables, meat and poultry. Rice and noodles are staples and accompaniments to most meals and vegetables, meats and seafood is often added to rice and noodles, to transform them into main dishes. Purchase Chinese restaurant Vouchers in Brighton and book a table at your favourite Chinese restaurant, for great savings.

Savings on Chinese food

Chinese food has a very distinct taste and flavours such as soya sauce, fish sauce, garlic, ginger and chilli peppers, are used in most recipes, for seasoning. Many dishes are cooked very quickly, at high temperatures, by stir frying in a wok. This cooking technique helps to seal in flavours and the large size of the wok allows for lots of different ingredients to be added and cooked at the same time. Steamed dishes are also very common in Chinese cooking and steamed rice, vegetables, dumplings and fish, are perfect if you are watching your waistline. Grab your Chinese restaurant Vouchers in Brighton today, at Groupon and enjoy great flavours at your local Chinese restaurant. Be sure to take advantage of the Chinese restaurant Vouchers in Brighton deal, while it lasts.

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