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If your fringe is getting too floppy, your hair is falling into your breakfast bowl or you’re taking windswept hair on Brighton pier to a whole new level, you’re going to want to take advantage of these great vouchers on haircuts in Brighton. Whether you want to totally reinvent yourself and your style, or simply say goodbye to those pesky split ends, we have a fantastic array of deals for haircuts in the best hair salons near you.

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Haircuts in Brighton: things to know before you go

With so many different haircut styles and techniques out there, it can be difficult to know what the best deal on a haircut near you is. Luckily, we’ve got all the answers to your hair-related questions.

What sort of offers are available for haircuts in Brighton?

At Groupon, we have plenty of deals for women’s, men’s and kids’ haircuts in Brighton, to get you and your loved ones’ hair-happy, without costing a fortune.

Here’s a quick-run on the different sort of deals available:

  • Wash, cut and blow-dry: Keep it simple yet stylish with a deal on a wash, cut and blow-dry for an easy way to get a new look or a tidy-up.
  • Cut plus colour: If a cut alone just isn’t enough, check out the deals that include hair highlights or colours to get a brand-new look you’ll love.
  • Cut plus conditioning treatment: If your hair needs a little extra TLC, you can choose a deal that includes a special conditioning treatment, such as a deep conditioning treatment or keratin treatment. Great for getting your hair’s bounce back.

Are there any deals on haircuts in Hove as well as Brighton?

We have deals and vouchers on haircuts not only for hairdressers in Brighton but also in neighbouring Hove.

  • Shadis Salon. Here in Portslade you can get a variety of different deals to give your hair a boost, including a restyle, conditioning treatment or full head of colour.
  • Fine to Fabulous . You’ll find various deals on haircuts, with the option of choosing an experience senior stylist to trim your locks.

Find even more offers on everything happening in Hove.

What if I want more than just a haircut in Brighton?

If you’re wanting to completely change your hair, or take it one step further than a simple cut, we have plenty of deals across our many Brighton hair salons.

  • Elegance Hair Brighton . Here you can select a deal that includes highlights or a full head colour as well as a cut and conditioning treatment.

If you fancy a bit of pampering along with your haircut, check out YST Hairdressers in Hove too. On top of their great deals on restyling and colour treatments, you can also enjoy a therapeutic head massag e, giving your hair and your head some much-needed TLC.

If the thought of a massage has you searching for even more pampering packages and spa-tastic deals across Brighton and beyond, check out our spa vouchers.

I want a whole new look - where can I start?

If it’s time for a whole new you, there’s plenty of amazing haircut deals in Brighton that can help with that.

As well as great salons to change up your hair, you can find amazing deals on cosmetic procedures, such as liposuction and permanent makeup.

If it’s time to get your body back in shape, there’s plenty of health & fitness vouchers to get you on your way as well, from kettlebell classes that build up your strength, to psychotherapy to help you stop smoking.