Neapolitan or New Yorker, by the slice or by the metre - in the list of mankind's great inventions, pizza ranks only slightly behind the wheel. With a Groupon restaurant deal saving you as much as 70%, you can use pizza vouchers in Brighton to enjoy one of the good things in life. Give yourself a night off from loading the dishwasher - another of those great inventions - and treat yourself and your friends, courtesy of Groupon.

Topping the charts

Pizza has to be the ultimate celebration food, so why not spend your pizza vouchers in Brighton on a birthday get-together, or just a long overdue catch-up? The choice of great pizza joints in town means that narrowing down the restaurant may prove the hardest part. We all know that Italian is a sure-fire family favourite but, particularly with the town's famous nightlife beckoning, pizzas to share work just as well for an altogether more grown-up evening out. Smartened up and with a smooth glass of Italian red, they're fun and sophisticated enough for a date - much like your good self. So if the time is right to reveal your inner pepperoni addict, pizza vouchers for Brighton might provide the ideal excuse. But be warned: no connoisseurs ever agree. Whether there's just the two of you or a big table of colleagues and friends, the Great Anchovy Debate is bound to rear its head before the desserts arrive.

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