Whether it's the pure sashimi zing or the perfectly puffed tempura, Japanese cuisine has been well and truly adopted - it's about as British as lasagne or tikka masala. Now, our restaurant deal lets you treat yourself to sushi vouchers in Brighton. From a quick bite to the special occasion, from the humble lunchtime bento box to the blow-out banquet, they're the perfect excuse to try something new. Choose well, and it's also one of the healthiest dinners out you're likely to find; Japanese meals have serious superfood credentials, and sushi vouchers for Brighton are a more affordable way to enjoy them.

Spending your sushi vouchers in Brighton

The latest Groupon selection gives you a number of opportunities to use your sushi vouchers in Brighton and nearby. Simply choose your participating restaurant, get a night in the diary and make yourself instantly popular with family and friends, who may be surprised by the variety they find. The best Japanese eateries around the world are renowned for delicate, sweet-fleshed seafood and their precision-engineered preparation - and rightly so. But it's a food culture that also loves hearty recipes with big, satisfying flavours. Often dished up with a crisp lager and a side order of pickles or a curry sauce, meat katsu - breaded and fried - hits the spot when something delicate just won't do. Groupon invites you explore what Brighton has to offer - an exciting taste of the Far East, here on the South Coast.

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