Eyelash Extensions Chesterfield

Eyelash Extensions and Brow Wax at Gunns and Rollers Unisex Salon

Gunns and Rollers Unisex Salon


Technician applies individual lash extensions and re-shapes the brows to enhance the natural beauty of the eyes

£19 £19

Semi-Permanent Russian Eyelash Extensions with Brows Waxing at Ophelia's Oasis Beauty & Holistic Therapy

Ophelia's Oasis Beauty & Holistic Therapy

Ophelia's Oasis Beauty & Holistic Therapy

Eyes are given a makeover with a semi-permanent eyelash extensions treatment

£19.90 £19.90

Silk Eyelash Extensions with Eyebrow Wax at Rumours Beauty Studio

Rumours Beauty Studio

Rumours beauty studio

Silk eyelash extensions are individually applied, designed to make eyelashes appear fuller and longer, while eyebrows are tinted and waxed

£19 £19

Eyelash Perm with Brow Shape and Tint at London Laser Beauty Clinic

London Laser Beauty Clinic


Customers can enhance their natural beauty and add some flare to their stare with eyelash perm plus brow shape and tint

£27 £27

Eyelash Extensions Plus Eyebrow Shape and Tint at Premier Hairdressing (79% Off)

Premier Hairdressing


Peepers will pop with individually applied lash extensions and shaping and tinting for brows

£90 £19

Full Set of Eyelash Extensions with a Hot Drink and Cake at All About You Hair & Beauty Salon

All About You Hair & Beauty Salon


Indulge in a hot drink followed by a cake while a stylist applies extensions designed to enhance the fullness of eyelashes

£15 £15

Full Set of Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions at Beauty Treats (60% Off)

Beauty Treats


Add sharpness and volume to every wink with this set of semi-permanent eyelash extensions

£50 £20

Full Set of Individual Eyelash Extensions with Wash and Blow-Dry at Beauty at Little Beau Chic (38% Off)

Beauty at Little Beau Chic

351 Aspley Lane

Ditch the mascara wand and get a boosted look with individual eyelash extensions accompanied by hair wash and blow-dry

£40 £25

Full Set of Party Lashes with Optional Eyebrow Waxing and Tinting at H2O Hair and Beauty

H2O Hair and Beauty


Add volume to every wink with a full set of party lashes, and optional eyebrow waxing and tinting

£17 £17

Individual Eyelash Extensions at Instaglam (40% Off)



Add length and drama to every wink thanks to individual eyelash extensions: semi-permanent lashes lasting up to three weeks

£25 £15

Eyebrow Wax and Shape and Full Set of Semi-Permanent Eyelashes at No.99 Tanning - Hair & Beauty

No 99 Tanning - Hair & Beauty


Enjoy this three-stage pamper package, including an eyebrow wax, shape as well as set of semi-permanent eyelashes

£24 £24

Three-Hour Party Eyelash Extensions Workshop at Spa Products International (60% Off)

Spa Products International Ltd


This three-hour open workshop is designed to demonstrate the techniques of applying Party Lashes temporary

£75 £29.95