In many ways the beating heart of West Yorkshire, Leeds is an old city with roots that can be traced back to the 5th Century AD. A cosmopolitan city that came into its own during the Industrial Revolution, today it's an important centre of business, culture and education in the UK. For those looking for laser hair removal Leeds has plenty to offer meaning a high calibre of service alongside competitive pricing. There are many salons and clinics in the area who provide laser treatment as a permanent means of removing unwanted body and facial hair, for both men and women. For those in search of laser hair removal in Leeds who also want to save money, there's a wide range of great offers at Groupon.

Tried and Tested Hair Removal Techniques

One of the benefits of laser hair removal is that it's a totally safe procedure. After lasering, the skin can be red and a little sore for up to 24 hours, but it's a clinically tried and tested technique that produces lasting results. There are several national franchises with clinics in Leeds that offer laser hair removal. Open every day except Wednesdays, the Leeds branch of Sk:n Clinic on Street Lane treat a wide range of clients from the local area. Similarly, DestinationSkin on Duncan Street is another popular nationwide hair removal franchise with a branch in Leeds, that offers an enormous array of bodily treatments and provides their customers with all they need to know about laser hair removal.

Be Smooth!

Laser hair removal is an ingenious technique, whereby unwanted hair follicles are exposed to pulses from a laser. Over several sessions it can lead to a marked and long-term reduction in hair, the results vary depending on skin and hair types but the best clinics know how to produce effective hair removal for any customer. There are several Leeds laser hair removal clinics for those looking to shed excess hair. Aspire Radiance Clinic on The Headrow have for many years been providing tailor-made services and also have a specialist in treating various skin types and over a range of body services. The Northern Cosmetic Laser Practice in the Windsor House Surgery on Corporation Street was set up by nurse Jooli Kirven, who places quality and personal care at the top of her client priorities. She is also a specialist in tattoo removals.

Help Boost Your Self-Confidence!

Many people who choose laser hair removal do so as a way of improving their self-image and confidence. Having hair growing in unwanted places can be upsetting and the procedure helps a lot of people feel good about the way they look. The Cristianos Clinic in York Place offer IPL hair removal treatment to a diverse range of clients. In the Trinity Centre on Albion Street is Centros Unico. They offer clients a varied range of different hair removal packages for different skin types and parts of the body.

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