Everybody is at least a little familiar with London as a world-class city that boasts a millennia-long, incredible history and iconic attractions like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square. The capital also offers excellent medical services and when residents need braces in London, there are many prestigious orthodontists offering their expertise. Some people may prefer to have treatment closer to home, especially if it involves a longer appointment or long-term treatment. If so, they can book in at one of the numerous private dental in each London borough, where they can receive treatment from a family dentist. However, for those who work in a more central location, it might be easier to attend flexible appointments around office hours. These patients can choose from dentists based in and around the West End, or closer to the City's financial district, suiting both their professional and personal needs.

Getting an invisible brace at a London dental practice

For people who want a more discreet or even invisible brace, The London Smile Clinic can fit one which matches the individual's unique tooth colour. A similar service is provided at Sensu in the traditional home of private medical specialists, Harley Street. Their team of dedicated professionals always work on a pain-free basis and the practice offers a number of finance plans to spread the cost of treatment. Going towards the east of the city, Ultrasmile Dentistry offer Invisalign braces. Not only are they invisible, but each aligner is uniquely designed to suit the wearer's teeth.

London dentists offer cool, colourful braces

Kids both big and small can expect the brightest braces in town when they opt for different coloured brackets. South of the river, Oasis Dental Care in Clapham can create a custom appliance to straighten the teeth or correct another problem. From their base in the British Museum Forest and Ray Dental, have a colour chart on hand, enabling patients to view and choose the various shades available before the fitting begins. Similarly, the specialists at Southgate Referral Practice work closely with patients not just to produce a sparkly smile, but to incorporate tiny bands of colour into their brace for a funky and young look.

Handy removable braces from a London dental clinic

Some patients find they need to have a removable brace in order to correct tooth problems. Often known as retainers, these are worn constantly but can be taken out if necessary. At West End Orthodontics, the team fit these with an expert hand. The treatment usually takes six weeks and is a more practical option for people who are active in sports and have to remove a brace in order to play. Another functional choice of London braces is covered at Smile Cliniq. Patients are also offered the option of initially choosing a removable brace or retainer, but then later switching to a more permanent dental solution towards the end of their treatment.

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