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Paula Holmes

London has more than a handful of spas to choose from for a truly pampering and relaxing day and with so many to choose from and treatments galore, it can be hard knowing where to start. Here are five of the very best spas in London you need to know about.

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Paula Holmes

If your nails are in need of some tender loving care or you fancy jazzing them up with nail art, then these top manicures will have your hands feeling pampered in no time. Here are the best manicures in London that are well worth a visit.

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Teeth Whitening in London with Groupon

It’s no surprise that London has such a varied range of great local business for teeth whitening, but with new deals and discounts from Groupon every day you might be surprised at how much you can save on your dream treatment.

By taking advantage of Groupon’s latest vouchers and deals you could soon be:

If you’d like to know more about what to expect for your treatment, the effects it’ll have on your teeth and where the best places to go for teeth whitening in London are, then we’re here to offer a helping hand.

Getting your teeth whitened in London

If this is your first time having your teeth whitened you might be wondering what exactly to expect for your treatment, whether you’re having it in-clinic or taking a kit home to do yourself. If you decide to opt for treatment in-clinic, you’ll be seeing one of London’s many trained dental professionals who will give your teeth a look and advise you on what course of action is best for you.

Once you decide on what type of whitening you’ll need, you’ll receive treatment for about an hour. You might be asked back for more treatments in the future, or you might be lucky enough to achieve those perfect pearly whites with just one session. Taking a kit home is similar, except you’ll be performing the treatment yourself following instructions included in the kit. Home treatment will usually take longer overall than having treatments in the clinic, but you can still see similar great results.

After your treatment, your teeth will probably be a little sensitive, so it’s probably best to not follow it up by going straight down to Covent Garden for some ice cream. Depending on the type of treatment you’ve had you might notice the results of the whitening at different rates, but you’ll usually be able to see a clear difference after about a week. You might be asked back for some more treatments if you have any particularly pesky stains and you might also be given a few follow up whitening kits to prolong the effects.

If you’re teeth are damaged or worn then there is a possibility that the high sensitivity in your teeth might remain, but this can be treated with things like specialised toothpastes. When you go for your initial appointment the dental practitioner should evaluate the condition of your teeth and then run you through any possible side effects of the treatment. No matter what, just a few weeks after your treatment you’ll be flaunting your smile on the streets of London, sporting bright and sparkly pearly whites that look like they’re brand new.

Where to get teeth whitening in London

With so many great locally owned dental clinics in London, you’ll be spoilt for choice on exactly where to go for your treatment. Central London has lots of great upmarket dental clinics to choose from, especially around Mayfair. With such a central location, these clinics are easily accessible and perfect if you’d like to do more with your day before or after the treatment.

In a city that is famous for its variety and wealth of options, it’ll probably be no surprise to you to hear that there are lots of great local dental clinics to be found throughout London, probably just around the corner from where you live. These clinics are an excellent choice if you’re looking to fit your treatment around your busy schedule, with many of them offering quick teeth whitening sessions, while still maintaining that professional quality. With so much choice, you’ll be able to find the right clinic for you even if you’re out and about enjoying everything what London has to offer, with clinics available in popular spots like Canary Wharf, Hammersmith and Chelsea.

With so many great clinics offering teeth whitening in London, you’ll never be stuck for another way to make cracking savings with deals and discounts from Groupon.