Wondering if laser hair removal is for you?

If you're wondering whether or not to try hair removal by laser, it can help to know how it works. The process involves aiming pulses from a laser light source on to the area being treated. These pulses target dark pigment in hair follicles and destroy them. A course of treatment with a reputable clinic like the Harley Medical Group or Juvea Aesthetics will give long lasting to permanent results, with any new growth appearing finer and less dense. Laser treatments for hair removal are relatively painless, and home hair removal devices are now also available and a successful course of treatment will remove hair permanently.

Salon or home - what's the best way to try hair removing laser treatments?

Salons and clinics all over the UK offer hair removal with lasers, and a range of home treatment devices is also available. These include appliances from Tria Beauty and Philips. These hand held hair removers are simple to use but the best results take up to 3 months to achieve. A salon treatment with reputable practitioners will normally last for around 7 weeks or 7 sessions. Home devices have a choice of settings, but  work best on light skinned users who want to remove dark leg, bikini line or underarm hair. Salons use more advanced lasers that can be customised to skin and hair type.

Shaving versus laser - Traditional and modern hair removal treatments

Laser treatments offer long lasting results, but unlike waxing and shaving, you won't see the results immediately. It can take 14 to 20 days for treated hairs to fall out, but a successful course of treatment will remove hair permanently.  Shaving is of course cheap, easy and convenient, plus it's painless. Waxing gives great results, and whether you choose a salon or do it yourself, it can hurt.  However, both shaving and waxing only remove hair temporarily, while lasers offer results that can last indefinitely and make stubborn ingrown hairs a thing of the past.

Planning a course of laser hair removal

If you've decided that you want to go bare legged this summer and have opted for a laser course to remove unsightly hair, there are a few points to keep in mind.  First of all, you'll need at least 7 sessions at a clinic or spa to be sleek and hair free for good. You should shave the area to be treated first so that the laser light pulses can target follicles at the root. It will take a couple of weeks for those dead hairs to fall out, leaving you with fresh, smooth skin. Laser treatment works best on white skin with dark hair, where the laser can 'see' the contrast more clearly, but modern lasers are more advanced and your chosen spa will be able to advise which type is best for you.

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