London has been home to world-famous individuals like Michael Faraday, John Keats and David Beckham, but increasingly it is becoming synonymous with smooth and beautiful skin thanks to the huge selection of waxing locations available throughout this great city. If you are looking for a tan to go with your newly hair-free skin, you'll be well looked after at Mayfair Tanning and Waxing which prides itself on being able to provide a total body care experience. Aside from professional tanning services, they also cater to a wide variety of waxing styles including Brazilian, Hollywood, Sicilian and even Bollywood waxing.

Try some London waxing trailblazers

If you are interesting in trying a waxing salon with an unusual history and a quirky sense of humour, try the Ministry of Waxing. With origins tracing back to Singapore, its founder Cynthia Chua has innovated and developed techniques that have moved the industry forward. Removing hair since 2001, the Ministry of Waxing is certainly a salon where you can be confident you are in safe hands. If you'd prefer something that is a little more London, try Wax in the City. Another company responsible for helping bring services for waxing in London to the fore, they offer top quality waxing services for both men and women using products specifically designed by and created for Wax in the City. They focus purely on waxing services and offer some of the most experienced and highly trained wax professionals around.

Far more than just a 'girls thing'

If the need is for something just for the fellas, Brazilian Wax Studio is a male-only specialist wax salon that offers professional waxing designed to minimize discomfort. Services are carried out by a female waxing therapist and discretion and professionalism come as standard. For any ladies who also want to take advantage of Brazilian expertise, try The Brazilian Wax located in Holborn. Offering waxing options for both men and women, The Brazilian Wax aims to create a culture to go along with their business, one the encapsulates how much they enjoy and believe in what they do. With wax made from 100% beeswax and resin, your skin will leave the salon looking smooth and revitalised.

Waxing services without all the pain

If you are looking for some of the best eyebrow waxing London has to offer, Luxury Wax Bar is a waxing salon that is specially trained in the art of shaping and colouring brows. In addition, they aim to take the pain out of waxing by offering a spa-like experience that relaxes, sets you at ease and has you leaving in a better frame of mind than when you came in. If you are looking for assurances of excellence, try Waxing Specialist on Wandsworth Road. With choices for both men and women, they specialise in full body waxes and have earned the NappyVallyNet seal of approval for their consistent dedication to excellence and service.

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