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Pilates in London

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Whether you’re looking for a lunchtime retreat away from your Canary Wharf office or simply want to unwind and relax before hopping on the Tube home, find your new method of relaxation with Pilates in London. Whether you're looking to perfect that posture or want to tone your muscles before heading to the beach in summer, find great deals and vouchers for Pilates in London with Groupon. With something on offer for everyone, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts, you'll soon feel the benefits when you try out London's popular Pilates classes.

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Up to Ten Pilates Sessions for One or Two, or Five One-to-One Sessions at Fit From Within (Up to 67% Off)
Pilates Session
St. Albans 18.0 km
£20.00 from £10.00
50% discount_off
Choice of Ten Yoga Lessons at AM Power Yoga and Pilates (78% Off)
Choice of Ten Yoga Lessons
London 1.8 km
£130.00 £29.00
77% discount_off
Five or Ten Yoga, Pilates and Dance Classes at Eve and Grace (Up to 68% Off)
Lavender Hill Yoga and Pilates
Battersea 3.3 km
£60.00 £20.00
66% discount_off
Five Yoga and Pilates Classes or One-Month Membership for One or Two at YourStyle Fitness (Up to 83% Off)
Five Yoga and Pilates Classes
YourStyle Fitness 8.7 km
£42.50 from £12.00
71% discount_off
Five Yoga or Pilates Passes, Multiple Locations
Five Yoga or Pilates Passes
Multiple Locations 0.9 km
from £5.00
Five or Ten Yoga or Pilates Classes at Girls Allowed Gyms (Up to 50% Off)
Five Yoga or Pilates Classes
Hornchurch 14.6 km
£30.00 from £15.95
46% discount_off
Five Pilates Classes for One or Two at TFC Fitness Consultancy (Up to 69% Off)
Five Pilates Classes
Multiple Locations 15.6 km
£40.00 from £15.00
62% discount_off
Five or Ten Hot Salt Yoga Sessions for One or Two at Salty Yoga (Up to 60% Off)
Five Hot Salt Yoga Sessions
London 1.9 km
£35.00 from £15.00
190+ bought
57% discount_off
Six Sessions of Hot Yoga at Fitness Fusions (77% Off)
Six Sessions of Hot Yoga
Clapham 3.3 km
£108.00 £19.00
82% discount_off
Five Hot-Yoga Classes or Choice of Ten Yoga Classes or One-Month Membership at Bikram Yoga Essex (Up to 75% Off)
Five Hot-Yoga Classes
Loughton, Essex 12.4 km
£75.00 from £19.00
74% discount_off
Five Mix and Match Sessions of Hot Yoga and Hot Fitness at 121 Urban Hot Yoga (73% Off)
Hot Yoga or Hot Fitness 45
Basement Studios 15.3 km
£60.00 £15.95
73% discount_off
Three or Six Hot Yoga or Hot Boxing Classes at Hot Yoga (73% Off)
Three Hot Yoga Classes
Barnet 9.8 km
£45.00 from £11.95
73% discount_off
Five Yoga Classes for One or Two People at Yoga Ananda Holistic Centre (Up to 83% Off)
Five Yoga Classes
Reigate 18.8 km
£48.33 from £9.00
81% discount_off
Three Months or One Year of Unlimited Online Yoga from The Yoga Collective (Up to 88% Off)
Online Yoga Subscriptions
£34.69 from £5.00
85% discount_off
Ten-Session Yoga Pass at Hot Yoga Wimbledon (74% Off)
Ten Sessions of Yoga
Wimbledon 7.5 km
£135.00 £35.00
74% discount_off
Ten Yoga Classes for One or Two at Red Hot Yoga (Up to 78% Off)
Ten Yoga Classes
Guildford 27.0 km
£135.00 from £35.00
74% discount_off
Six or Ten Yoga Classes at Mahala Yoga Clapham (Up to 62% Off)
Six Yoga Classes
Mahala Yoga 2.0 km
£62.50 from £24.00
61% discount_off
Two, Four or Six Sessions of Yoga at Flamingo Yoga Maya (Up to 70% Off)
Two Sessions of Yoga
London 13.7 km
£28.00 from £10.00
64% discount_off
One or Five Hot Yoga Classes at Hot Yoga South
One or Five Hot Yoga Classes
London 4.6 km
6 bought
from £8.95
Up to Ten Yoga Classes at Philly Aime (Up to 69% Off)
Yoga Class
London 10.1 km
£8.00 from £5.00
10+ bought
37% discount_off
Five or Ten Yoga or HIIT Sessions for One or Two at 1st Health (Up to 77% Off)
Five Yoga or HIIT Sessions
Hertford 18.1 km
£50.00 from £14.00
10+ bought
72% discount_off
1 Five or 2 Ten YogaPilates at The Fitness Evolution, Four Locations (Up to 64% Off)
YogaPilates Classes
Multiple Locations 3.4 km
£45.00 from £19.00
10+ bought
57% discount_off
Naturopathy Online Diploma from Online Academies (90% Off)
Naturopathy Online Course
£199.99 £19.00
90% discount_off
Accredited Master Herbalist Online Course from International Open Academy (84% Off)
Master Herbalist Online Course
£99.00 £16.00
83% discount_off
Online Beginner Yoga Master Class with 16 Fundamental Sessions from Skills Success (91% Off)
Beginner Yoga Master Class
£152.00 £14.00
90% discount_off
Crystal Therapy Online Course from International Open Academy (88% Off)
Crystal Therapy Online Course
£99.00 £12.00
87% discount_off
Up to Five 1-2-1 Yoga Sessions at Balancehut (Up to 66% Off)
One 1-2-1 Yoga Session
Hornchurch 14.3 km
£35.00 from £15.00
57% discount_off

Pilates in London: things to know before you go

Before you hop on the mat or machine, we’ve answered some of the most common questions on Pilates in London to ensure you don’t get all tangled up in those straps and springs.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a system of physical fitness made up of a series of controlled movements and stretches, aiming to focus on the core while improving strength and posture. It has something of a fearsome reputation, but there’s something for everyone at Pilates classes, whether you’ve got a core of steel or still need to shed those Christmas pounds.

Originally known as Contrology in the early 20th century, Pilates sees exercises take place on a mat or using special apparatus, with the system of movements and breathing easily adjusted by your instructor to suit your skill level.

What are the differences between yoga and Pilates?

Both yoga and Pilates are low impact forms of exercise focused on slow movements, breathing and stretches but there are some subtle differences.

Pilates was developed around 100 years ago and focuses on strength and stability, with moves practiced on the ground in a series of flowing movements, , with an emphasis on training the core. Yoga, on the other hand, has far more ancient roots, having been founded in India more than 5,000 years ago. While it also focuses on movements and stretches, its benefits are more closely linked to mindfulness and relaxation. For many people, the two complement each other exceptionally well.

What's the best way to find a Pilates class near me?

Finding a Pilates class near you is a great way to effortlessly make attending sports classes part of your busy schedule. Simply pop to the gym at lunch time or after work for a more convenient workout. To find a local Pilates studio:

  • Check your local gym. Ask at the gym or fitness centre around the corner to see if they run regular Pilates classes. If they do and you're already a member, it should be easy to fit into your schedule.
  • Explore online. Search online to find all the local options available. Websites should have full details – including times, prices and experience levels – and check out their social media to get a better idea of what to expect.
  • Do your research. There are plenty of resources for finding Pilates in London. Try not-for-profit organisation The Pilates Foundation for useful information.
  • Seek recommendations. It always helps if you can speak to someone about their experience, so talk to friends about their Pilates classes and ask social media for recommendations.

Where can I find a good Pilates studio in London?

The popularity of the activity means it’s easy to find Pilates studios wherever you are in London, from the thrum of activity of Central London to the comfort of Covent Garden.

Pilates HQ in Angel, Islington offers a series of dynamic reformer classes that combine traditional Pilates with resistance training - perfect for creating those lean, strong muscles, While Pilates Body Awareness in Camden has been leading classes for over 30 years, from beginners to experts of the mat.

Find the best discounts and deals for Pilates in London with Groupon. There are a wide range of options to choose from to find your new favourite form of exercise.

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