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Personal Trainer in London

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If you’re struggling to fit some fitness into your busy schedule or want to get that beach-ready bod for your welcome break from the 9-5, our selection of personal trainer vouchers in London can whip you right into shape. Booking a personal trainer brings extra motivation to improve your general level of fitness, plus the expertise and guidance of a tailor-made intensive programme. Browse our selection of deals on London’s best personal trainers, and find the perfect programme for you.

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Personal trainers in London: things to know before you go

If you’re thinking about finding a personal trainer to help you get into shape or train towards a fitness goal, find out what you need to know and how to prepare for your first sessions with our handy guide.

What's the best way to find a personal trainer near me?

Ready to make the next step towards a fit and healthy lifestyle on your own terms? Try the following handy tips to find a personal trainer near you.

  • Search online or locally. Search online for local business pages or publications advertising personal training services.
  • Do your research. There are resources available to help. Check out the industry-supported National Register of Personal Trainers for more information.
  • Ask at your local gym. If you're already a member of a local gym in London, then ask if personal training is available onsite. You may even get a discount on each session as a current member.
  • Your fitness goal. Want to climb a mountain? Run a marathon? Maybe you just want to get your beach body. Some personal trainers specialise in helping clients achieve certain goals. Decide what you want and see if there’s someone who can help.

Where can I find the best value personal trainers in London?

Whether you want that extra push towards your personal goals, or are looking for the best personal trainer in London to help you train for the London to Brighton Bike Ride, you'll find what you need with a quick and easy search. MYPT Studio in Croydon provides both personal and group training sessions in its state-of-the-art fitness studio, with a modern approach to workouts. Their personal trainers offer encouragement, support and motivation towards achieving holistic long-term goals.

AOK Fitness in Twickenham offers tailored programmes with one-to-one coaching and nutritional advice, as well as a specialist programme for injury rehabilitation.

How do I choose a personal trainer?

To find the best personal trainer for you, work through the following suggestions.

  1. Work out your goals. You may need a bit of a kick-start back into an exercise routine, or want to reach a higher level of fitness. Knowing what you want to gain will help you to find the right personal trainer.
  2. Decide what you enjoy. Work out what you actually like to do when it comes to exercise. It will make things easier when your personal trainer prepares your bespoke fitness programme.
  3. Look at the options. Do your research. Personal trainers often specialise in different fitness disciplines, so seek out the ones that cover the areas that interest you.
  4. Read the reviews. Search out reviews from previous clients, or ask for recommendations online.
  5. Check out the cost. Make sure you’re getting good value for money in each session, by comparing prices during your search for an affordable personal trainer.

How long should I have a personal trainer for?

As long as you want one! It will generally depend on the goals you want to achieve with their help. A personal trainer will help you set realistic targets and design an enjoyable programme that fits around your schedule.

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