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Golf Courses in Glasgow Where You Can Play Without a Membership BY: LAURA PEARSON SMITH | 17.12.2015

Most golf courses in Glasgow are owned by golf clubs who charge a hefty membership fee before allowing you to play. There are, however, options available in Glasgow to play on golf courses without being a member of a club. Here’s a look at the best… Glasgow Sport Glasgow Sport [

Things to Do in Glasgow at Night
Just because the sun has set and the shops are shut, doesn’t mean you have to stop having a good time in Glasgow. If nightclubs and busy bars aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other fun things to do in Glasgow at night, and I’m going to tell you just what they are.Fancy a bit of I Will Survive? Or how about some Dancing Queen? Warm up your voc
Art Classes in The Glasgow School of Art
The Glasgow School of Art is a world-recognised art school and a famous Glasgow architectural landmark. It was designed by the renowned Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1897, and is one of Europe’s leading institutions for visually creative higher education. Thousands of tourists flock to it every year to marvel at its Art Deco design, and studying there is a real privilege. You don’t need to be accepted into a full-time or part-time course to experience this however. Glasgow School of Art offers a wide range of short courses and classes that you can do in your spare time as a fun and stimulating hobby.
Blooming Marvellous Florist Classes in Glasgow
From Tall Ships to long stems, Glasgow girl Lisa Gaston is a creator and educator with a difference - she has her own unique style of Flower Power.  “I came to floristry rather late, it was a complete career change for me,” explains Lisa.  “After years working in Museum Education, I decided I’d like a more creative, hands-on job and so I gave up my
Get Romantic in Glasgow - Best Places for a Smooch
A snog, a winch, a Glasgow Kiss – Glasgow’s top five most amorous spots for a romantic encounter with your lover.
Glasgow Cinema - The City's Starring Role on Screen
Flesh-eating Zombies and predatory Aliens – not your usual Glasgow clientele (unless you’ve been unlucky enough to encounter the post-clubbing apocalypse of Sauchiehall Street at 3am on a Saturday night) – but a more common sighting, certainly in the last five years thanks to the film industry’s burgeoning love affair with the city.Whilst certainly
People Who Meditate are Happier - Learn How
It's worth taking the time every day to get some headspace. People who meditate regularly are less stressed, calmer and generally happier than people who do not meditate. Meditation can also lower blood pressure and lead to healthier bodies as well as minds.
Glasgow Club - Getting Glasgow Fit
Whether you favour doing a crossword to cross-fit, there’s no doubt about it that incorporating some form of exercise into your weekly routine is important for your health.   The British Medical Journal have suggested just 20 minutes of vigorous activity a week is significantly better than none for improving health, but around 150 minutes or more o
Record Shops in Glasgow to Get Your Vinyl Fix
Record shopping is dead, you say? Well, while it’s true that the likes of Amazon, with their cheap and convenient means of delivering anything you could wish for straight to your door, combined with the increasing popularity of streaming services have laid waste to many of the high street names you
Best Evening Classes in Glasgow for a New Hobby
Glasgow has a huge range of evening classes and community groups for nearly every hobby you can think of. This is a guide to the best places to take advantage of a new year by taking up a new hobby in Glasgow. Whether you want to pick up the knitting needles, or get some green fingers, there is somewhere just waiting for you to join in my list of h
Glasgow Royal Concert Hall at Christmas
Standing on the stairs at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall looking down Buchanan Street - the city’s busiest shopping street, affords quite the view of this busy, vibrant city.  In front of you stands a proud commemorative statue of Donald Dewar - Scotland’s inaugural First Minister, at either side of you different regenerative stages of Glasgow’s shoppi
Glasgow Loves Christmas in George Square
2014 has been an incredible year for Glasgow and what better way to see it out than with a jam packed calendar of festive fun across the city this December.Get your skates on and get down to the city’s George Square - Glasgow’s most famous meeting point, slap bang in the middle of the city and under the gaze of the audacious City Chambers building
Where to See Live Music in Glasgow
Local Heroes: Where to Catch the City’s Finest New Bands Any Night of the Week in GlasgowIt’s a long-standing joke that touring bands will always credit the last place they played as having the friendliest and most responsive crowds - but when they’re talking about Glasgow, they tend to be more likely to mean it. My home city’s place in history as
Glasgow Tour Bus - Best Unknown Stops
There is a constant stream of Glasgow bus tours passing through the city every day, showing off the city’s famous landmarks. However, there are a few must-see places that they don’t tell you about - often forgotten historical gems. I’m going to tell you about two of these places so that you don’t forget to hop of the bus for them.City Sightseeing i
For One Night Only at King's Theatre Glasgow This November
For one night only this autumn a host of theatrical gems will be visiting Glasgow. With a combination of theatre, music and even some circus, there's something for everyone.MercuryThur 27th NovAfter over a decade on tour, Mercury have firmly established themselves as one of the world's most authentic tributes to the legendary Freddie Mercury and Qu
24 Hours in Glasgow
You have 24 hours in Glasgow and want to jam in as much eating, drinking, sightseeing and shopping as possible? Look no further than our guide to everything you need to do to spend a great 24 hours in Glasgow with recommendations from local bloggers.
Fireworks Glasgow - The Best Displays Across the City
Uniquely British, Bonfire Night commemorates the failed attempt by Guy Fawkes to blow up both King James I and the London Parliament - effigies (‘the guy’) are burned on a bonfire to mark his arrest and serve as a reminder that treason would not be forgiven. Cheery, huh?  Nowadays we’re more likely to remember the Katy Perry anthem and utilise the
Things to Do in Glasgow at Halloween
Here is a round up of the best things to see, make and do this Halloween in Glasgow.Go to a Fancy Dress PartyGet the perfect Halloween costume for all your trick or treating in Glasgow. Find out the best fancy dress shops in the city in this article - Fancy Dress Glasgow - Best Shops Around.Visit Glasgow's Spookiest SpotsDo you dare to visit Glasgo
Theatre Royal Glasgow - Highlights of the Season
It's a return to the golden age of glamour at the Theatre Royal this season as it travels back in time to the 20's and 30's with a range of vintage classics.Dangerous CornerFrom the author of An Inspector Calls comes a brand new production of another timeless J.B. Priestley mystery Dangerous Corner.Image Credit: Theatre RoyalAll seems well at the C
Glasgow Barrowlands - Why the Barras are Better
Head to the city’s Gallowgate and you’ll find yourself face to face with an impressive constellation of stars - those sparkling on the world-famous neon Barrowland Ballroom sign, those rocking the seriously bouncy ballroom stage and the Glasgow spivs and sorts selling their wares and flaring their patter at the massive outdoors market.Founded in th
Glasgow Necropolis and More of the City's Most Haunted Locations
With nearly 40% of the population of Scotland claiming to have seen a ghost, it comes as no surprise perhaps that Glasgow - a city that has quite literally been built on layer upon layer of history with today’s roads and buildings rising on the foundation of its past and those that have walked, and died, on its streets – is considered one of the mo
Interview with Gillian Kyle 
Interior designer, illustrator, Tunnocks Teacake fan – all titles that local girl Gillian Kyle can happily claim as her professional status, after all this is the girl who has made her name by lovingly crafting perfectly illustrated and fabulously kitsch cards, prints and home ware based on the famous foil stripes of one of Scotland’s most famous s
Glasgay! It’s Queer, it’s Here, it’s Fabulous
With around 25,000 expected participants, Glasgay! – now in its 21st year – is an exciting melting pot of theatre, comedy, art exhibitions and special events that offers a unique platform for aspiring artists as well as performance legends.
Alternative Arts Activities in Glasgow 
As the summer draws to a close and the thermometer begins to head south, there's a temptation to hibernate, but for Glasgow theatre lovers who are looking for a different diversion here are five alternative arts activities to tempt you from your autumn nest.Acting Classes for AdultsLed by professional theatre practitioners from Glasgow's most artis
Glasgow Nightclubs - Best Alternative Nights Out
That Glasgow is Scotland’s clubbing capital is a long-settled argument, given the number of top-class venues and long-running nights with global reputations that call our streets home. So it shouldn’t be surprising that alternative nights for those of us with less interest in big-name DJs and carefully-worded drinks promos are just as top class. Get your glad rags on and get dancing at five of the best queer, indie, retro and glamorous nights in Glasgow.
A Guide to Glasgow Theatres
Glasgow has a number of excellent theatres hosting everything from West End musicals to independent plays. There are four main theatres in the city, and each has its own speciality, and has performances on all year round. When it comes to Glasgow theatres, you'll never fail to find something to see, and this guide will help you find what suits your
Scottish Opera – Know Your Aria From Your Elbow
For the non-seasoned opera goer their first reference point might be ‘that’ scene in Pretty Woman – the one where Julia Roberts’ character Vivian declares of La Traviata “It was so good I almost peed my pants.”While that reaction might be a little extreme for most, the prospect of a first-time visit to the opera can be a little overwhelming. Based
Best Student Nightlife in Glasgow
Glasgow has a lively student population who appreciate a good night out. There are many great and popular student clubs in Glasgow offering student discounts and student deals. Even if you aren’t a student and are just looking for a cheap night out, many of these also have universally discounted prices - perfect if you are on a budget. For the best
How to Kill Time at Glasgow Central Station
Glasgow Central Station is a hub of activity in Glasgow’s city centre. With it being so busy, it can be difficult to assess what amenities are available and how best to kill time when waiting on a train. There are many shops, cafes, bars and even a hotel in Central Station - with options to suit all budgets.
A Guide To Shopping and Dining Destination Glasgow Fort
Glasgow shopping is handy and accessible at Glasgow Fort, with a vast range of stores and dining options. Read our guide here...
Tramway - A Hidden Treasure
Venture south of the river in Glasgow and you'll find Tramway - one of the city's hidden gems and a place to play, to discover, and to create.Once home to the city's Trams (you can still climb the stairways that the horses once used as ramps to their stables) and Glasgow's original Transport Museum before its move west, Tramway is now a world-class
A Guide To The Glasgow Airport Departures Area
Forget Glasgow Airport arrivals - departures is where it’s at. The departures area at Glasgow International Airport [] is a shopping and dining mecca, and if you don’t leave enough time to experience it, you’ll be kicking yourself when you’re 50,000 feet in the air.The Glasgow Airport departures area is bright and spaci
How to Avoid the World Cup in Glasgow!
Not to stereotype women here but let's be honest- not many of us know about football. We can tell a football boot from a stiletto, but that's about it! This month, the World Cup has been dominating my television, and I can't stand it. It left me pondering on how to escape, so i've put together a guide on how to avoid the World Cup in Glasgow- in ty
Free Fun to Have in Glasgow at the Weekend 
Despite its proliferation of dear green spaces, Glasgow’s interchangeable weather means that it’s not always safe to propose an afternoon playing in the park. Luckily, the city offers plenty more temperate opportunities to while away a long weekend - and, best of all, plenty of them won’t break the bank. Here are a few of my favourite ways
The Best Glasgow Parks for Summer Sunbathing
When the sun is out, there is nothing better than being outdoors enjoying the warm rays and getting your dose of Vitamin D. Glasgow has many parks, and is not referred to as 'Dear Green Place' for no reason. Some of these Glasgow parks- such as Glasgow Green and Queen's Park aren't the safest, but others are perfect for that enjoyable sunbathing and picnic time. This is a guide to my favourite parks in Glasgow for outdoor relaxation.

Rouken Glen

Rouken Glen is a quiet park in the affluent Giffnock area of Glasgow's southside. Families spend time here at the weekend, and children learning to ride bikes or roller skate is a common sight, as are weekday runners winding down after work. There is a large green space right in the centre that is perfect for enjoying the sun, plus plenty of trees to provide a shady spot if desired. At weekends, right next to this sunbathing and picnic hotspot in the park is an ice cream van to help you cool down. At Rouken Glen, there are plenty of other ways to occupy yourself outdoors on a sunny day- pottery painting runs at weekends, the boating pond lets you take a rowing boat out for a spin. Plus there is a stunning woodland waterfall to gaze at, and two excellent cafes to enjoy- one in the garden centre, and one at the boating pond. A children's gated play area will keep them busy too.
Introducing Lisa-Marie Ferla
Lisa-Marie (or Lis, but never Lisa) is Groupon City Guide’s Glasgow-based music and culture correspondent. Although by day she’s a mild-mannered, if quirkily-dressed, employee of a leading law firm, after hours you’ll find her dancing front and centre at gigs and writing about new music for publications including The Arts Desk and The Herald as well as her long-running blog, Last Year’s Girl.

When and why did you start blogging?

First of all: it was 1999. Nobody was calling anything “blogging”. And secondly, I might have been studying law, but my intention always was to make my living as a writer - and that was never going to happen if nobody was reading what I was writing. At the time I’d kept written diaries for years, and putting them on one of those newly-established online journal sites when I got my first internet connection in the first week of university seemed like a logical step. After the phenomenon began to grow, and I realised it wasn’t doing anybody any good for the things that I wrote as a teenager to be out there relatively unfiltered, I started my properly public Last Year’s Girl blog in 2005. It’s still me, and I’m still pretty unfiltered, but at least these days I’m aware I have an audience!

Where do you get the motivation to blog in the evenings/on weekends?

And in between everything else I do? Well, these days it’s pretty hard, but the great thing about my blog is that it’s a place for writing about things that I love just because I want to: local places to eat cake, silly dresses, my cats and the odd feminist or political rant feature prominently. I still consider myself to be a blogger ahead of most of the things that pay for the cake, dresses and cat litter - I just need to find some activities that don’t involve writing, I think!

What would be your dream job?

It surprises most people I discuss this with that I’d never want to be a music journalist full-time - I’ve always felt that if you love something, never make a profession out of it because everybody has bad days at work and I can’t imagine a life where music is proper ‘work’ to me. Instead, I’d love to be a travel writer: I tend to do my best work while I’m moving and experiencing new things, and I reckon it would give me a good reason to start working on my photography again!

What’s the best meal in a restaurant you’ve ever had?

While I love me a good steak, the best thing I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant was a stack of pancakes with bacon (and a bit of butter - none of that maple syrup nonsense) in a diner just off New York’s Times Square. It might have been the food, it might have been the freedom - I was away for a few days with my dad, but had headed out on my own for the day to explore the greatest city in the world - but I’ve spent the past decade trying to recreate that moment.

Who’s your favourite musical act to see live?

Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band. I’ve had the privilege of seeing the band four times now: in Dublin and Glasgow in 2009; Manchester for my 30th in 2012; and back in Glasgow in 2013. Of those, the first Glasgow show was easily one of the greatest nights of my life: it was before Clarence Clemons died, and he and the rest of the band were on top form - he’d been exhausted in Dublin. Also getting to hear “Thunder Road”, mine and my husband’s favourite song, live with him for the first time was a really special moment.

What’s your secret place in Glasgow?

The patch of grass outside St Luke and St Andrew’s Church on Bain St, with my headphones on and a hot waffle and ice cream from the wee place in the Barras. Heaven when it’s sunny.

Where can people follow you?

On most of your favourite social networks: Twitter and Instagram are my favourites for public-facing nonsense, sarcasm and pictures of my cats, Scooter and the Big Man (named after Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons of course!).

Popular Articles by Lisa Marie

Chart Botherers: Five of the Best Glasgow Acts
Best Pubs in Glasgow for a Traditional Scottish Welcome
Scotland is well-known for its hospitality and Glasgow is often regarded as its friendliest city. One of the best places to experience this is in one of its many drinking holes. Some of Glasgow’s pubs have been institutions for decades and are always full of locals and visitors alike.

The Horseshoe Bar

The most famous and traditional pub in Glasgow is most definitely The Horseshoe Bar. It is known for having the largest continuous bar in the UK (horseshoe shaped) and for its nightly karaoke. There’s no murdering of I Will Survive here though, as some of Glasgow’s best singers choose to belt out tunes here instead. As well as their vast array of drinks, their pub food is varied and excellent value. It’s just a stroll away from Glasgow’s Central Station, meaning you have no excuse not to experience this legendary venue.
Making Their Own Kind of Music: Glasgow’s Best Independent Record Labels
With its thriving venues of all sizes and wide variety of noteworthy and successful bands, Glasgow’s status as the de facto music capital of Scotland is obvious to even the most casual of observers. What’s a little less obvious to the untrained eye, however, is the increasingly vibrant ecosystem of blogs, podcasts, promoters and labels doing their bit to get you out to gigs and find innovative, gorgeous ways of enabling you to buy the music that you love.
In the Lap of Luxury! Best Luxury Hotels in Glasgow
There are hundreds of Glasgow hotels, but only a handful that can be described as truly luxurious. Glasgow’s best luxury hotels offer a five star service and are the best of Glasgow tourism. Whether your focus is on exquisite décor, gourmet dining or world-class spa facilities, one of these luxury Glasgow hotels will be right up your street.

Blythswood Square Hotel

In the heart of the city centre sits the 5-star Blythswood Square Hotel. Located in the opulent and historic former RAF club, Glasgow’s Blythswood hotel is a one-stop shop for all your luxury break needs. The hotel is situated right next to the popular shopping street Sauchiehall Street and just a short stroll away from the Buchanan Galleries shopping centre. Its décor is smart and elegant, using a lot of Harris Tweed fabrics to highlight it’s Scottish location. The restaurant is a popular and stylish lunch, dinner and cocktail spot - with its modern British cuisine attracting locals and hotel guests alike. The jewel in the hotel’s crown, however, is the spa - their unique thermal experience takes guests on a relaxing journey through a series of hot saunas and ice rooms.
Spend A Day On Byres Road, Glasgow
Byre's Road is one of Glasgow's most famous streets for eating, shopping, and culture. It is in the heart of the stylish West End - the area that Glasgow's arty and literary types gravitate to, home of the city's main university, and the old base for BBC Scotland. Byre's Road is long and you can easily spend a whole day there, working your way along it and through the various boutiques and quirky eateries.
Fitness Classes in Glasgow, Pole Dancing Classes & More!
Whether you want to get fit, or get your groove on just for fun, there are plenty of unique exercise options across Glasgow. From regular classes, to one-off experiences, there is something for all ages and abilities.
Glasgow Museum’s Must See Treasures
Many museums have hundreds, if not thousands of artifacts - but often it is just one item that keeps people returning again and again. At the Louvre in Paris it's the Mona Lisa, and at the Vatican Museums in Rome it's Michelangelo's ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. Glasgow's many museums also have must-see pieces and treasures that no matter how many times you examine them, can never be fully appreciated.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in the West End of the city contains 22 galleries of artifacts ranging from the work of Scottish painters, to armour and stuffed animals. It is truly eclectic. It is, however, a piece on the ground floor, not far from the entrance, that keeps me coming back to this free admission museum. Displayed in full view, just a pane of glass away from your own face, is an ancient Egyptian mummified head (and hand). All the features are fully intact, including some hair, and there is no limit to the amount of hours that I can stand and stare at it. I find it fascinating to be able to get so close to someone that lived that long ago.
Glasgow Rainy Day Family Fun
Planning an outdoor family day in Glasgow involves quite a bit of forward thinking - and a contingency plan. Our weather is unpredictable, so should your day be dampened with rain, I wanted to share with you my top places to take the whole family, that are fun, indoors and dry.

Something for Everyone

Intu Braehead, an indoor entertainment complex complete with mini-golf, ski slopes and a soft play centre is the perfect place for the entire family. You could easily spend a whole day here as there are several nice restaurants to choose from and even a cinema. All activities are charged for individually, so beware of that fact that your day could get costly depending on how much you do.
Comedy Clubs - Glasgow Smiles Better
Glasgow Smiles Better - and it’s no wonder when the city’s newest comedy venues offer audiences an alternative experience with added benefits ranging from life-drawing... to 2am toast!
Glasgow's Cultural Beacon
The Lighthouse, situated in Glasgow’s Mitchell Lane, is Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture.
Where to Watch Independent Film in Glasgow
Glasgow has a busy film-making community and is home to several film and television production studios. As the hub of Scottish film, it takes its cinema responsibilities seriously - as well as the many mainstream multiplexes, there’s an array of independent cinemas screening a wide range of indie films from student to foreign. This is a city where you'll never be stuck for something to watch.
Chart Botherers: Five of the Best Glasgow Acts
When Glasgow was awarded UNESCO City of Music status in 2008, there can’t have been anyone who was that surprised. From the Jesus and Mary Chain to Franz Ferdinand, via Celtic Connections and the Barrowland Ballroom, our city has consistently pushed the boundaries when it comes to breaking new ground in popular music - and celebrates that heritage at its legendary venues all year round.
Glasgow Gets Dancing!
I spent my student years studying media, communications and dance routines on Top of the Pops using my VCR’s slow-mo function and a limited knowledge of 8 step phrases.  The latter wasn’t course-work (sadly) - I was in a Steps tribute band, called Stairs (yes, really) and dancing became a huge part of my student life.