Yoga in Yoga

Hot or Unheated Yoga or Pilates: Six Classes of Choice at Fitness Fusions (77% Off)

Fitness Fusions

Trainees can take up fitness challenges and improve their core strength over the course of six yoga or Pilates classes at a Clapham location

£84 £19

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Two, Four or Six Sessions of Yoga at Flamingo Yoga Maya (Up to 70% Off)

Flamingo Yoga Maya

Enjoy two, four or six sessions of 60-minute vinyasa flow yoga or 90-minute yin-yang-yoga

£28 £10

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Five 60-Minute Hot Yoga Classes at Yogavani (74% Off)

Potters Bar

Trainees can take up a fitness challenge with the aim to improve their general fitness and core strength over a course of five yoga classes

£70 £18

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One, Three or Five Aerial Yoga Classes at Suspension Yoga UK (Up to 64% Off)

Suspension Yoga UK

Customers can work on their fitness goals, resilience and flexibility during up to five aerial yoga classes at this Forest Hill-based studio

£10 £5

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Six or Ten Yoga Classes at Feeling Yogaful (Up to 71% Off)

Feeling Yogaful
Top Studio, Fresh Ground

Clients can work towards their fitness goals during six or ten yoga classes, designed to help improve flexibility and mental wellbeing

£75 £22

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Six Yoga Classes at Health Town (72% Off)

Health Town

Customers can take part in six yoga classes designed to help improve flexibility, general fitness and wellbeing

£68 £19

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Six or Ten Yoga Classes at Mahala Yoga Clapham (Up to 62% Off)

Mahala Yoga

Join an experienced instructor during a series of yoga classes and work on strengthening the core

£62.50 £24

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Five Yoga Classes at Black Lotus Yoga (71% Off)

Black Lotus Yoga

Customers can enjoy five yoga classes designed to help improve flexibility, circulation and mental wellbeing

£65 £19

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Five or Ten Yoga, Pilates and Dance Classes at Eve and Grace (Up to 68% Off)

Eve And Grace

Customers can work toward personal fitness goals with five or ten passes to yoga, Pilates or dance sessions

£60 £20

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Six or Nine Yoga Classes at Clarity Yoga Shala (Up to 75% Off)

Clarity Yoga Shala
St Albans

Trainees can improve their core strength and work toward a greater mindfulness over the course of six or nine yoga classes

£76 £19

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Ten Sessions of Hot Yoga at Bikram Yoga London (75% Off)

Bikram Yoga London
Multiple Locations

Absolute beginners to advanced yogis can work up a sweat in an assortment of stretchy positions at a state-of-the-art studio

£140 £35

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Five Yoga Classes for One or Two People at Yoga Ananda Holistic Centre (Up to 83% Off)

Yoga Ananda Holistic Centre Ltd

Pairs or individuals can work towards improving their physical and spiritual wellbeing across five yoga classes

£48.33 £9

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Five or Ten Sessions of Salt Yoga, or One or Two Sessions of Salt Therapy at Salt Yoga (Up to 56% Off)

Salty Yoga

Relax in a halotherapy chamber or get to know the benefits of controlled breathing with up to ten salt yoga sessions

£49 £25

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One-Month Access to Yoga Classes for One or Two at Shape Up Fitness

Shape Up Fitness
St Albans

Trainees can take up weight management and wellbeing challenges with one-month access to yoga classes at this St Albans centre


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Five Yoga Classes for One or Two at Yogamoo

75 Bell Street

One or two people can take part in five yoga classes, designed to develop focus and physical fitness


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One-Month Pass to Daytime Yoga Classes for One or Two at Yogamo (50% Off)


One or two people can attend unlimited yoga classes for a month with the goal to enhance strength and flexibility

£30 £15

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Five Fitness Classes or One-Month Membership for One or Two at YourStyle Fitness (Up to 83% Off)

YourStyle Fitness

Fitness enthusiasts can enjoy five or a whole month of classes, with the likes of Pilates, yoga, circuit training or running available

£42.50 £12

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Ten Hot Yoga Lessons at AM Power Yoga and Pilates (78% Off)

AM Power Yoga and Pilates

Customers can enjoy as many as ten sessions of hot yoga, working on their flexibility and getting closer to an ideal mind and body balance

£130 £29

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60-Minute Sports or Thai Yoga Massage at Body First UK (56% Off)

Body First Uk
Hampton Hill

Clients can enjoy a 60-minute sports or Thai yoga massage session designed to release tension

£55 £24

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Cake or Pastry with Hot Drink for One or Two at The Wellbeing Cafe at Feel Hot Yoga (Up to 52% Off)

The Wellbeing Cafe at Feel Hot Yoga

Drop by this modern cafe and have a treat of a slice of cake or pastry accompanied by a choice of hot drink; gluten-free options available

£6.25 £3

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Five Reformer Pilates Classes at Pilates HQ (61% Off)

Pilates HQ
Angel, Islington

Get long, lean and toned muscles, improve the posture, increase flexibility and fast with five Reformer Pilates classes

£100 £39

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Five Classes of Reformer Pilates at Fitness Fusions, Clapham (59% Off)

Fitness Fusions

Fitness-seekers can enjoy five classes of Reformer Pilates, a more targeted and challenging take on the popular fitness system

£95 £39

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Ten Pilates, Barre and Stretch Classes at Hope Pilates (Up to 87% Off)

Hope Pilates

Clients can work towards their fitness goals with ten Pilates, barre and stretch classes with an experienced instructor

£150 £19

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Five or Ten Pilates Classes at Pilates Body Awareness, Two Locations (Up to 65% Off)

Pilates Body Awareness
Academy Mews Dance Studios

These Pilates classes suitable for beginners are designed to improve posture and fitness; Islington studio locations

£63.75 £25

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One-Week or One-Month Gym Membership at Panthers Gym

Panthers Gym

Customers can lift weights, throw a few punches at a punch bag, or exercise on a treadmill at this family-run gym


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Five Boxing Classes for One or Two at Take A Pop Boxing (Up to 76% Off)

Take A Pop Boxing
Ealing Broadway

Customers can improve their strength and coordination with the boxing sessions at this training centre founded by a professional boxer

£45 £15

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Five (£14) or Ten (£26) Self-Defence Classes at Urban Krav Maga, 15 Locations (Up to 65% Off)

Urban Krav Maga
Multiple Locations

Covering self-defence techniques against the most common street attacks, these sessions take place at locations including Covent Garden

£40 £14

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Five or Ten Zumba Classes at Fitness Fun Machine, Six London Locations (Up to 81% Off)

Fitness Fun Machine
Multiple Locations

Get the pulse racing with a series of five or ten Zumba classes designed for a full body workout; available at six London locations

£35 £7

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Five 105-Minute Muay Thai Classes for One or Two at Muay Thai Masters Academy

Muay Thai Masters Academy - Liverpool St.
London, Liverpool Street

One or two clients can aim to increase fitness, strength, self defence and confidence with Muay Thai over the course of five classes


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Five or Ten CrossFit Training Sessions at CrossFit KIA (Up to 92% Off)

CrossFit KIA
Ashford, Surrey

Customers can benefit from up to ten sessions of CrossFit training, designed to boost strength, flexibility, and help with weight management

£100 £9

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Three or Five Aqua Cycling Sessions at Wet Bikes (Up to 50% Off*)

Wet Bikes
Multiple Locations

The classes use the water’s resistance to enable full-body workouts, designed to be highly cardiovascular yet gentle on joints and ligaments

£36 £17.95

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Zumba Fitness: Five or Ten Classes at The London Dance Company (Up to 88% Off)

The London Dance Company
Multiple Locations

Get pulses racing with a series of Zumba Fitness classes that are designed to give a full-body workout to improve strength and stamina

£60 £9.50

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Ten Gym, Swim and Fitness Passes, Choice of 28 Locations from Village Gyms (Up to 81% Off)

Village Gyms
Multiple Locations

Guests can pursue their fitness and health goals with access to a gym, swimming pool and fitness classes at a choice of 28 locations

£100 £29

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Four (£7.95) or Eight (£11.95) Weeks of Kempo Jujitsu Self Defence Classes with Fighting Arts (Up to 97% Off)

Fighting Arts
Multiple Locations

Learn a mix of karate, aikido, judo, kempo and escrima from black belt instructors; six classes held each week across four venues

£176 £7.95

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10 Fitness Classes for One or Two at Synergy81 (88% Off)


Those ready for a work-out can choose 10 from over 60 gym classes, such as indoor cycling, yoga, hitt training, barre concept or boot camp

£80 £10

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One-Month Women-Only Gym Pass at Healthy U (71% Off)

Hemel Hempstead

Women of all ages can tackle fitness or weight management challenges with a one-month gym membership

£34.99 £10

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Ten Gym and Class Passes at The Fitness Mosaic (85% Off)

The Fitness Mosaic

Customers can take up wellbeing and weight management challenges with ten day gym and class passes at this Camden fitness centre

£100 £15

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Five or 10 Self-Defense Classes for Children at WingTjun Martial Arts

WingTjun Martial Arts
Multiple Locations

Children can use five or 10 self-defense classes to work on their confidence or tackle fitness challenges


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One or Three Personal Training Sessions at AOK Fitness (Up to 87% Off)

AOK Fitness

Clients can work towards their fitness goals with one or three personal training sessions

£65 £14.95

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Five DivaFit Classes For One or Two at My Divalution (Up to 72% Off)

My Divalution
Fitness First

These one-hour classes combine fitness exercises and various dance styles, aiming to tone the body and improve the posture and core strength

£30 £9

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Three or Eight Kickboxing Sessions for Adults or Children at Ultra Fit Solutions (Up to 87% Off)

Ultra Fit Solutions
The Oxford & Bermondsey Club

Adults and children can spend time in an active way and expense excess energy during three or eight kickboxing sessions

£30 £6

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Three or Four Beginners' Pole Dancing Classes at LexyRoQ (Up to 46% Off)


Ladies can discover their sensual side as they learn the basics of pole dancing over the course of three or four beginners’ classes

£54 £29

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Up to Five Barre Ballet Classes with The London Dance Company (Up to 73% Off)

The London Dance Company
Zoo Bar & Club

Participants can work towards their fitness goals over the course of up to five sessions of this stationary ballet

£18 £6

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Five or Ten Boot Camp Sessions from KeepFit Bootcamp (Up to 70% Off)

KeepFit Bootcamp
Multiple Locations

Clients can get their hearts racing with classes suitable for all fitness levels, at a choice of central London locations

£50 £15

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Five or Ten Krav Maga Self Defence Courses from Eitan Krav Maga (Up to 81% Off)

Eitan Krav Maga
Multiple Locations

Participants can learn the self defence system Krav Maga, to feel more prepared to defend oneself as well as to get a workout


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Three, Six or Ten Fitness Classes from Glove Up

Glove Up

Customers can work towards their health and fitness goals with up to ten classes available at this London gym


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Six Gym Passes or One or Three 60-Minute Personal Training Sessions at Trimnasium (Up to 90% Off)

Pioneer House

Guests may take advantage of six gym passes or opt for a personal training tailored to each individual’s abilities and goals

£35 £12

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One Month's Class Membership at Royal Docks CrossFit (74% Off)

Royal Docks CrossFit

Power towards fitness aims with access to three fitness classes per week for one month at this well-equipped gym

£110 £29

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Five or Ten One-Hour Latin Dance Classes for One or Two with Latin Collective (Up to 84% Off)

Latin8 Productions Ltd t/a Latin Collective
Multiple Locations

Over the course of up to ten one-hour classes, customers can become familiar with dance styles such as salsa, bachata, cha cha or merengue

£35 £9

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