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Colonic Hydrotherapy in London

Discover great Colonic Hydrotherapy deals near you


Colonic hydrotherapy is like a spring clean for your insides – flushing out toxins so you feel fresh as a daisy. It’s a great way to help our bodies cope with the reality of London life – sitting at your desk all day, grabbing fast food when you just don’t have time, and drinking one too many cocktails more regularly than you should. Discover colonic hydrotherapy vouchers in London and visit a highly qualified practitioner near you.

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Healing herbs with colonic hydrotherapy session at Clarity Wellbeing (Up to 46.36 % Off)
Healing herbs with colonic hydrotherapy session
London 4.3 km
£110.00 £59.00
46% discount_off
Colonic Hydrotherapy with Reiki Massage at Ask Nutrition (59% Off)
Colonic Hydrotherapy
Woking, Surrey 23.5 km
£120.00 £49.00
59% discount_off
Colonic Hydrotherapy: One or Two Sessions with a Consultation at West London Colonics (Up to 48% Off)
Colonic Hydrotherapy
Northolt 8.0 km
£95.00 from £54.00
43% discount_off
Colonic Hydrotherapy for £39 at North London Aesthetic Clinic
Colonic Hydrotherapy
Southgate 10.7 km
Chiropractic Consultation with Two Treatments at Holistic Healthcare Clinics (80% Off)
Chiropractic Exam Plus 2 Treatments
Central London 0.9 km
£178.00 £24.00
86% discount_off
Chiropractic Consultation with Examination, Report of Findings and One Adjustment at Sensus Health & Wellness (79% Off)
Chiropractic Package
Sensus Health & Wellness 3.7 km
£135.00 £23.00
82% discount_off
Chiropractic Consultation With Two Treatments at Fulham Backcare (Up to 84% Off)
Clinical Chiropractic and Massage
London 3.9 km
£180.00 from £29.00
83% discount_off
Chiropractic Exam, Report of Findings and Two Treatments by Deborah at Chelsea Natural Health Clinic (81% Off)
Chiropractic Consultation
London 2.9 km
£130.00 £25.00
80% discount_off
Acupuncture Session with Optional Cupping and Choice of Massage at BEN Health and Beauty Centre (Up to 71% Off)
Acupuncture Session
Clapham 3.8 km
£30.00 from £9.00
70% discount_off
70-Minute Acupuncture Session and a Deep Tissue Massage at Ginkgo Health & Beauty
Acupuncture Session and Massage
London 1.2 km
Acupuncture or Ear Candling with Cupping or 15-Minute Massage at Be Health Chinese Medical Centre (62% Off)
Acupuncture Mix and Match
Soho 0.5 km
£45.00 £17.00
62% discount_off
Chiropractic Exam with One, Two or Three Treatments at Camden Chiropractic (Up to 85% Off)
Chiropractic Exam with Treatment
LABS Atrium 2.5 km
£134.00 from £26.00
80% discount_off
One or Two Acupuncture or Cupping Sessions with Consultation at Holistic Healthcare Clinics (80% Off)
Acupuncture or Cupping Session
Central London 0.9 km
£60.00 from £12.00
80% discount_off
70-Minute Acupuncture and Deep Tissue Massage for £19 at Oriental Healthcare (73% Off)
Massage and Acupuncture
London 5.2 km
£70.00 £19.00
72% discount_off
One or Two Chiropractic Adjustment Treatments with an Initial Assessment at Imperial Health (Up to 80% Off)
Chiropractic Adjustment
London 8.0 km
£60.00 from £12.00
80% discount_off
20-Minute Cupping Session, 30-Minute Acupuncture Session or Both at Natural Health (Up to 63% Off*)
20-Minute Cupping Session
Colliers Wood 6.4 km
from £9.00
Chiropractic Consultation and One or Two Treatments at Choice of Halsa Care Centres
Chiropractic Session
Multiple Locations 9.2 km
from £15.00
Ear Wax Removal in One or Both Ears at The Ear Care Co (Up to 63% Off)
Ear Wax Removal
London 8.2 km
£45.00 from £19.00
57% discount_off
One-Hour Acupuncture Session with Consultation at Nz Acupuncture (Up to 72% Off)
One-Hour Acupuncture Session
London 3.9 km
£75.00 £21.00
72% discount_off
30-Minute Acupuncture Treatment with Optional Massage, or 30-Minute Cupping at Chinese Medical Centre (Up to 65% Off*)
30-Minute Acupuncture Treatment
East Ham 7.9 km
£30.00 from £14.00
53% discount_off
45-Minute Acupuncture Session with 15-Minute Massage and Optional 30-Minute Chinese Check-Up at Herbal Clinic
Acupuncture and Massage
London 1.3 km
from £19.00
One or Two Hypnotherapy Sessions with initial Consultation at Positive Suggestion Therapy (Up to 65% Off)
Hypnotherapy Session
Multiple Locations 1.0 km
£110.00 from £38.00
65% discount_off
Chiropractic Consultation and One or Two Treatments at West Chiropractic (Up to 71% Off)
Chiropractic Consultation
West Byfleet 20.2 km
£50.00 from £19.00
62% discount_off
Choice of Hypnotherapy Session with Consultation at Life Matters (76% Off)
Hypnotherapy, Harley Street London, Redgrave Suffolk
Multiple Locations 1.0 km
£160.00 £39.00
75% discount_off
Chiropractic or Spinal Consultation with X-Ray Plus Optional Treatment at Finchley Back Care Centre (Up to 62% Off)
Chiropractic Exam and X-Ray
London 6.8 km
£40.00 from £18.00
55% discount_off
60-Minute Acupuncture Session at Wellness Acupuncture (Up to 68% Off)
60-Minute Acupuncture Session
London 1.8 km
£60.00 £19.00
68% discount_off
Chiropractic Exam and One or Two Treatments at N8 Health (Up to 88% Off)
Chiropractic Exam and Treatment
London 7.7 km
£160.00 from £19.00
88% discount_off

Colonic hydrotherapy in London: things to know before you go

If you feel tired, sluggish or bloated – or just want to give your body some TLC – then colonic hydrotherapy could be perfect. We’ve answered some common questions about the treatment – take a look before booking colonic hydrotherapy in London.

What are the benefits of colon cleansing?

The benefits of colon cleansing range from increased energy levels to improved weight loss and happier moods, according to research.

Colon cleansing uses water to remove waste and toxins from your body. It refreshes and rejuvenates your colon and lower intestine, helping them to absorb vital nutrients and keep your body in good health.

Is colon cleansing safe?

Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, hygienic procedure and many people don’t suffer any side effects. However, you may experience stomach cramps and bloating.

You shouldn’t have colonic hydrotherapy if you have high blood pressure, issues with bowel movements, liver disease or kidney problems. Pregnant women are also advised against the treatment.

If you’re unsure whether colonic hydrotherapy is for you, talk to your doctor before booking in for an appointment. You can ask about any health conditions and how this might affect the procedure, and they might suggest some alternatives.

What should I expect from my colonic hydrotherapy session?

The treatment usually lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. With so many colonic hydrotherapy centres across London, you might even be able to visit over lunch, or drop by on your way home from work. Here’s how the process works step by step:

  1. Lying on your side, you’re fitted with a tube.
  2. Filtered warm water gently flows into your body.
  3. After several minutes, the colonic hydrotherapist turns off the water supply.
  4. The water passes back out through your colon, down the tube, carrying all the toxins with it.

At your treatment you might feel a bit awkward or even embarrassed – but don’t worry, that’s just because we’re British. Colonic hydrotherapists are trained professionals. They’re well past the red-faced stage – they’re here to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Afterwards you can go back to your normal daily routine. However, it’s a good idea to avoid alcohol and foods which might upset your stomach.

What’s the best type of colon cleanse?

Professional colonic hydrotherapy treatments are the most effective way to flush out those toxins, but you can also do a natural colon cleanse at home by tweaking your diet.

Drinking lots of water, herbal teas and lemon juice is said to be naturally conducive to colon cleansing. Fibre and probiotic rich foods also support good digestion.

For the best results, you can combine the two. Chat to a colonic hydrotherapist or nutritionist about diet changes which can benefit your digestive system, to support your cleansing sessions. Soon you’ll find a lifestyle that makes you feel great, inside and out.



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