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Chiropractor in London

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If you’re suffering from a sports injury or posture problems, a chiropractor could be just what you need. These trained professionals get to the root of the problem, using their miracle hands to treat a problem area. Find the right appointment for you by snapping up chiropractor vouchers in London – and get back into the swing of city life. Running the London Marathon? Bring it on. Climbing the stairs at Covent Garden tube? Just you watch.

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Chiropractic Consultation with Examination, Report of Findings and One Adjustment at Sensus Health & Wellness (79% Off)
Chiropractic Package
Sensus Health & Wellness 3.7 km
£135.00 £23.00
82% discount_off
One or Two Chiropractic Adjustment Treatments with an Initial Assessment at Imperial Health (Up to 80% Off)
Chiropractic Adjustment
London 8.0 km
£60.00 from £12.00
80% discount_off
Chiropractic Consultation and One or Two Treatments at Choice of Halsa Care Centres
Chiropractic Session
Multiple Locations 9.2 km
from £15.00
Chiropractic Consultation and One or Two Treatments at West Chiropractic (Up to 71% Off)
Chiropractic Consultation
West Byfleet 20.2 km
£50.00 from £19.00
62% discount_off
Chiropractic or Spinal Consultation with X-Ray Plus Optional Treatment at Finchley Back Care Centre (Up to 62% Off)
Chiropractic Exam and X-Ray
London 6.8 km
£40.00 from £18.00
55% discount_off
Chiropractic Exam and One or Two Treatments at N8 Health (Up to 88% Off)
Chiropractic Exam and Treatment
London 7.7 km
£160.00 from £19.00
88% discount_off
One-Hour Deep Postural Massage and Spinal Check at Back To Health Wellness Guildford (68% Off)
Deep Postural Massage Package
Guildford 27.1 km
£60.00 £19.00
68% discount_off
Chiropractic Consultation and Up to Three Optional Adjustment Treatments at Kingston Chiropractic (Up to 86% Off)
Chiropractic Consultation
Kingston Upon Thames 10.1 km
£80.00 from £11.00
86% discount_off
£29 for a Chiropractic Consultation, Exam and Three Treatments at SpineCentral (84% Off)
Chiropractic Exam and Treatments
Hampton 12.4 km
£176.00 £29.00
83% discount_off
Chiropractic Consultation Plus Treatment from £24 at The Guildford Spine Centre (Up to 75% Off)
Chiropractic Exam Plus Treatment
Guildford 26.6 km
£100.00 from £29.00
71% discount_off
Osteopathy Consultation with One or Two Treatments at Twickenham Health Care - Osteopaths (Up to 62% Off)
Osteopathy Treatment
Twickenham 10.0 km
£45.00 from £19.00
57% discount_off
Up to Two Chiropractic or Osteopathy Treatments with Consultation and Examination at AVID Healthcare (Up to 87% Off)
Two Chiropractic Treatments
West Wickham 10.4 km
£140.00 £19.00
86% discount_off
Inspired Health Chiropractic: Consultation With Results and Two Treatments for £22 (83% Off)
Chiropractic Consultation
Chelmsford 28.7 km
£126.00 £22.00
82% discount_off
Back To Health Chiropractic Clinic: Two-Step Chiropractic Assessment, X-Rays and VR Spinal Imaging (81% Off)
Virtual Reality Chiropractice
Richmond 8.3 km
£125.00 £24.00
80% discount_off
Chiropractic Exam and Treatment with One or Two Follow-Up Sessions at Emerald Chiropractic Care (Up to 73% Off)
Chiropractic Assessment
Emerald Chiropractic Care 13.0 km
£112.00 from £29.95
73% discount_off
Chiropractic Consultation with One, Two or Three Treatments at Ability Back Chiropractic
Chiropractic Treatment
Dorking 21.7 km
20+ bought
from £14.00
Chiropractic Consultation With Three Adjustments for £29 at Halsa Care Centre
Chiropractic Session
Multiple Locations 22.0 km
The Back Pain Centre: Consultation and Exam (£9) Plus Massage (£29)
Chiropractic Exam
London 8.9 km
from £9.00
Two Osteopathy Treatments and Consultation at London Health and Wellbeing (Up to 84% Off)
Two Osteopathy Treatments
off Liverpool Street 2.0 km
£178.00 £27.00
84% discount_off
Deep Tissue Massage or Consultation with One or Two Deep Tissue Massages at Stefan Vernon Osteopath (Up to 75% Off)
45-Minute Deep Tissue Massage
TruGym 9.3 km
£36.00 from £17.00
52% discount_off
Chiropractic Consultation and One or Three Treatments at Back To Health Wellness Guildford
Chiropractic Treatment Package
Guildford 27.1 km
from £27.00
Spinal Consultation with Treatment and Optional Deep-Tissue Massage at Oriental Healthcare (Up to 68% Off)
Spinal Treatment, Putney
London 5.2 km
£45.00 from £19.00
57% discount_off
Osteopathic Consultation with an Optional Treatment at Back To Health Wellness Centres
Osteopathic Consultation
Multiple Locations 8.2 km
£40.00 from £10.00
75% discount_off
Chiropractic, Osteopathy or a Physio treatment at Parkshot House - Manual Therapy (69% Off)
Chiropractic, Osteopathy or a Physio treatment
Located directly opposite to Richmond station and the post code will take to the back side of the building. 8.2 km
£95.00 £29.00
69% discount_off
One or Two Chiropractic Adjustment Treatments with Initial Assessment at Imperial Health (Up to 75% Off)
Chiropractic Adjustment
London 8.0 km
£60.00 from £15.00
75% discount_off
Osteopathic Examination, Consultation and One or Two Treatments at Imperial Health (Up to 75% Off)
Osteopathic Exam and Treatment
London 8.0 km
£60.00 from £15.00
75% discount_off
90 Minutes Postural Assessment at Cione Wellness Centre (89% Off)
Biomechanical Postural Assessment
Marylebone Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Clinic 1.8 km
£210.00 £22.95
89% discount_off

Chiropractors in London: things to know before you go

Newsflash: working in an office all day is no good for your posture. Back, shoulder and neck pain is increasingly common – but what happens if the pain doesn’t fade away? Find out if a chiropractor could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

What is a chiropractor?

A chiropractor is a trained practitioner specialising in musculoskeletal disorders – so for bone, joint and muscle-related problems, they’re your go-to. The most common problems chiropractors deal with are back and neck pain, but they can also help with strains and sports-related injuries.

Their treatments are based on the study of chiropractic – an alternative medicine that manually adjusts the spine to relieve tension, align your bones and bring your body into balance. Chiropractic treatment can relieve pain and prevent injuries.

What does chiropractic treatment involve?

Before your first session, your chiropractor will assess your spine, balance and posture. It’s normal for them to ask you to remove some clothes to help with their examination. The chiropractor will also ask general questions about your health and any injuries that are causing you pain. Some treatment centres, such as the East London Chiropractic Clinic offer X-rays as part of their assessment if required. All this information will help them decide what treatment is best for you.

Sessions with the chiropractor usually last for between 30 minutes to an hour. Common techniques used include:

  • Spinal manipulation - the chiropractor applies pressure around your back to align the muscles and release tension.
  • Spinal mobilisation - the chiropractor uses slower, gentler movements to mobilise your joints. This may also involve some simple stretches.

Can a chiropractor fix my back pain?

Back pain is the area where chiropractic treatment has proven most effective, according to research by The Royal College of Chiropractors. A chiropractor may also be able to help with shoulder and neck pain, as these areas of your body are connected to your spine. When you book in for a consultation, your chiropractor will ask all the necessary questions and figure out the best course of action to help your recovery.

What’s the difference between a chiropractor and an osteopath?

Similar to chiropractic treatment, osteopathy harnesses the power of massage and other hands-on techniques to increase mobility in your joints and relieve muscle tension.

But unlike chiropractic treatment, osteopathy isn’t primarily focused on the spine and joints. Some osteopaths may help treat headaches and migraines, as well as other health problems. However, for joint, muscular and skeletal issues, talk to your local chiropractor.

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