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Hypnosis in London

Discover great Hypnosis deals near you


Are you terrified of spiders invading your flat? Can’t stand the sight of snakes on a day out at the zoo? Whether you’re tackling your biggest fears head on or want to kick that bad habit, hypnosis is one of the most effective and popular forms of treatment. Whether you’re a smoker in South London or an arachnophobe in Acton, find the best hypnosis vouchers in London and discover relaxing treatments near you today.

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Choice of Hypnotherapy Session with Consultation at Life Matters (76% Off)
Hypnotherapy, Harley Street London, Redgrave Suffolk
Multiple Locations 1.0 km
£160.00 £39.00
75% discount_off
One or Two Hypnotherapy Sessions with initial Consultation at Positive Suggestion Therapy (Up to 65% Off)
Hypnotherapy Session
Multiple Locations 1.0 km
£110.00 from £38.00
65% discount_off
One-Hour Hypnotherapy Session with Consultation at Evolve and Enlighten (77% Off)
One-Hour Hypnotherapy Session
London 7.7 km
£150.00 £34.00
77% discount_off
One or Two 60-Minute Hypnotherapy Sessions with 30-Minute Consultation at Goldcrest Hypnotherapy (Up to 65% Off)
One-Hour Hypnotherapy Session
Beckenham 8.5 km
£79.00 from £32.00
4 bought
59% discount_off
Weight Management Hypnotherapy Package or One Session at The Clinic of Counselling and Hypno (Up to 50% Off)
Weight Management Hypnotherapy
Essex 14.1 km
£300.00 from £150.00
3 bought
50% discount_off
Hypnotherapy Session and Audio Download for £49 at Life Matters (70% Off)
Hypnotherapy, Harley Street London, Redgrave Suffolk
Multiple Locations 1.0 km
£165.00 £49.00
70% discount_off
NLP, Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy Session with Consultation at Therapy4u (53% Off)
NLP and Hypnotherapy Session
London 1.1 km
£60.00 £28.00
1 bought
53% discount_off
Breath Assessment with Bio Feedback Breath Specialist at Life Matters, Two Locations (79% Off)
Breath Assessment
Multiple Locations 1.0 km
£275.00 £59.00
78% discount_off
60-Minute Acupuncture Session at Wellness Acupuncture (Up to 68% Off)
60-Minute Acupuncture Session
London 1.8 km
£60.00 £19.00
68% discount_off
30-Minute Acupuncture and 30-Minute Reflexology Machine Session at Herbal Clinic (69% Off)
Reflexology and Acupuncture
London 1.3 km
£65.00 £20.00
69% discount_off
Acupuncture or Ear Candling with Cupping or 15-Minute Massage at Be Health Chinese Medical Centre (62% Off)
Acupuncture Mix and Match
Soho 0.5 km
£45.00 £17.00
62% discount_off
70-Minute Acupuncture Session and a Deep Tissue Massage at Ginkgo Health & Beauty
Acupuncture Session and Massage
London 1.2 km
Acupuncture Session with Optional Cupping and Choice of Massage at BEN Health and Beauty Centre (Up to 71% Off)
Acupuncture Session
Clapham 3.8 km
£30.00 from £9.00
70% discount_off
Body and Nutrition Consultation and Hypoxi Body-Shaping Therapy at HYPOXI Studio Knightsbridge (Up to 86% Off)
Hypoxi Body-Shaping Therapy
HYPOXI Knightsbridge 1.9 km
£200.00 from £29.00
85% discount_off
70-Minute Acupuncture and Deep Tissue Massage for £19 at Oriental Healthcare (73% Off)
Massage and Acupuncture
London 5.2 km
£70.00 £19.00
72% discount_off
Reiki Treatment with Consultation at Gift 2 Lift (62% Off)
Reiki Treatment with Consultation
London 6.7 km
£50.00 £19.00
62% discount_off
Colonic Hydrotherapy for £39 at North London Aesthetic Clinic
Colonic Hydrotherapy
London 8.4 km
Ear Wax Removal in One or Both Ears at The Ear Care Co (Up to 63% Off)
Ear Wax Removal
London 8.2 km
£45.00 from £19.00
57% discount_off
One or Two Acupuncture or Cupping Sessions with Consultation at Holistic Healthcare Clinics (80% Off)
Acupuncture or Cupping Session
Central London 0.9 km
£60.00 from £12.00
80% discount_off
Choice of Revitalising Facial, Face or Body Toning Treatment, or Chemical Peel at Nasslam Aesthetics (Up to 54% Off)
40-Minute Revitalising Facial
London 1.6 km
£105.00 from £49.95
52% discount_off
One-Hour Acupuncture Session with Consultation at Nz Acupuncture (Up to 72% Off)
One-Hour Acupuncture Session
London 3.9 km
£75.00 £21.00
72% discount_off
One or Two Colonic Hydrotherapy Sessions at Vibrant Health Spa (Up to 53% Off)
Colonic Hydrotherapy
Potters Bar 13.7 km
£80.00 from £39.00
51% discount_off
Ear Wax Removal From One or Both Ears at Sound and Silence (Up to 68% Off)
Ear Wax Removal
Romford 14.1 km
£60.00 from £19.00
68% discount_off
20-Minute Cupping Session, 30-Minute Acupuncture Session or Both at Natural Health (Up to 63% Off*)
20-Minute Cupping Session
Colliers Wood 6.4 km
from £9.00
30-Minute Acupuncture Treatment with Optional Massage, or 30-Minute Cupping at Chinese Medical Centre (Up to 65% Off*)
30-Minute Acupuncture Treatment
East Ham 7.9 km
£30.00 from £14.00
53% discount_off
One Colonic Hydrotherapy Session for £49 at Tooting Medical Centre (55% Off)
Colonic Hydrotherapy
Tooting Medical Center 6.3 km
£110.00 £49.00
55% discount_off
30-Minute Acupuncture Treatment with Consultation and Optional 15-Minute Cupping at Thai Spa (Up to 72% Off)
30-Minute Acupuncture Treatment
London 1.7 km
£35.00 from £12.00
65% discount_off

Hypnosis in London: things to know before you go

Hypnotherapy is a great way to confront your anxieties once and for all, whether it’s a phobia or lack of confidence. And don’t worry, it’s not all about swinging a watch in front of your face and asking you to do silly things. Still sceptical? We’ve answered some of the top questions around hypnosis - we promise you won’t be in a trance by the end of it.

Where can I find the best hypnotherapy treatments in London?

Living life in the fast lane can be fun but taxing. Long commutes, higher cost of living, crowds of people - it’s no wonder hypnosis therapy is so popular in London. So whether you’re looking for hypnosis for insomnia, or to quit smoking, you can find a deal near you.

Life Matters and Your Empowered Self are two of our top selling hypnosis deals in London, supporting on addictions, weight loss, stress and anxiety.

For a little more guidance on how to find the right therapist to help you, here are some quick checkpoints to read through before booking an appointment.

What is the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is, quite simply, an altered state of mind, where you‘re guided into a trance for a specific purpose.

Hypnotherapy refers to the practice of “hypnosis” for therapeutic purposes – this is where you’ll begin to overcome your addiction or condition with help from your therapist.

What is the best type of hypnosis for weight loss?

Most hypnosis therapy clinics in London will include weight loss as a treatment; all you need to do is a book consultation to kick-start your life-changing therapy.

Weight management hypnotherapy is a widely used treatment for a wide range of weight related disorders, from bulimia to binge eating. The hypnotherapist will help you realign your relationship with food by changing your habits. It sounds like magic, but it’s not tricking your brain, it’s merely retraining it to visualise your ideal body shape, helping you stay clear of bad food habits and start working towards your fitness goals. It’s a great way to get you ready for the gym.

How can hypnosis be used for treating anxiety?

Hypnosis is a great alternative to other anxiety treatments, such as cognitive behavioural therapy. It doesn’t just involve lying on a plush couch and getting some shut-eye; in fact, studies have shown hypnotherapy can lead to less self-consciousness and greater emotional control.

In order to do this, your therapist will put you in a dreamlike state, which will leave you more open to suggestions. So, whether you have a fear of flying, or you’re trying to quit smoking, this “posthypnotic suggestion” will help you avoid all the usual emotions you feel the next time you’re in that specific situation. Don’t worry, they can’t read your mind, or make you quack like a duck - the therapist merely taps into your subconscious, helping you discover, change and re-train your brain.