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Deep Tissue Massage in London

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If you’re struggling with an injury or just everyday aches and pains, you’re not alone. London is a city of fitness freaks and sports stars pushing their bodies to the limits. Posture problems can also strike if you’re sat down at a desk all day. Deep tissue massage can relieve tension from the depths of your muscles – we’re talking real ‘ooh’ ‘ahh’ stuff – and effectively target pain. Discover great vouchers on deep tissue massages near you and feel the release today.

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Deep tissue massage in London: things to know before you go

If you’re thinking of getting a deep tissue massage, chances are you’ve suffered an injury or you’re at the mercy of chronic aches and pains. However, there’s hope on the horizon. London is home to many highly-trained massage therapists who can help ease the pain.

What’s the purpose of a deep tissue massage?

A deep tissue massage aims to target specific health problems, whether it’s a sore neck, repetitive strain injury or lower back pain. It uses some of the same techniques as a Swedish massage – long strokes and movements towards your heart – but with more pressure and a real focus on the area of pain.

A deep tissue massage has plenty of benefits, including:

  • Relaxing the deepest layers of muscle in your body
  • Getting rid of adhesions – bands of rigid and painful tissue in your muscles
  • De-stressing and clearing your head
  • Bringing your blood pressure down
  • Stimulating the release of feel-good oxytocin and serotonin

Can deep tissue massage break up scar tissue?

This type of massage can help break up and remodel scar tissue that builds up around a historic injury. Scar tissue is less elastic than normal muscular tissue, so the treatment can also help you regain mobility. Talk to your therapist to find out if deep tissue massage might be an appropriate treatment. You could also consider other alternative medicine in London.

Does a deep tissue massage hurt?

The pressure of this treatment might initially feel uncomfortable. If it gets too painful, tell your therapist and they’ll adjust the pressure. You might also feel some stiffness or pain after your session, but this should disappear within two days. If it lasts longer, your therapist might recommend home treatments to ease the effects – such as gentle stretches or an ice pack.

What other types of massage treatments are there in London?

London is full of tranquil spa escapes where you can get the massage treatment you need. Here are some of the most popular types of massage available in London:

  • Hot stone massage. Heated stones are placed on your body to soothe your muscles and relieve pain.
  • Thai massage. This traditional eastern massage involves moving your body into different poses to relieve muscular tension.
  • Swedish massage. The ultimate relaxing massage, with gentle pressure being used to soothe aches and pains.
  • Reflexology. Focusing on the hands and feet, this ancient Chinese massage triggers healthy energy flow around your body.
  • Couples massage. Go through it together with a couples’ massage, choosing from Swedish, hot stone and many other treatments.

Before attending your treatment session, make sure you read these massage etiquette tips.

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