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Swedish Massage in London

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Even in a sprawling, crazy city like London, there’s serenity to be found in every neighbourhood. Relax, unwind and recharge your batteries in the most refreshing way with a full-body Swedish massage. With Swedish massage vouchers available at parlours north, south, east and west – dropping by after work one day might make your whole week.

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Swedish massage in London: things to know before you go

Indulgent, relaxing and completely painless, it’s clear why Swedish massage therapy is a favourite among Londoners looking to escape the trappings of their 9-5. Find out more about this popular treatment.

How does a Swedish massage work?

Swedish massage is a Scandinavian technique that works by rubbing your muscles with oils to encourage the blood flow towards your heart. This is done by using these methods:

  • Gliding – using sliding strokes with different levels of pressure
  • Twisting – kneading of the muscles to get rid of any tension knots
  • Tapping - to gather energy from the muscles
  • Friction – which creates heat to relax your muscles

Swedish body massage is ideal for first timers as it’s completely painless. Many people continue with Swedish massage their whole lives, but some might move on to deep tissue massage, which takes the pressure levels a step further.

What are the benefits of a Swedish massage?

Detoxification is one of the main benefits of Swedish massage. But if you spend all day hunched over a desk in Canary Wharf, or running around after the kids in Balham, you’ll find there are other perks of this popular treatment including:

  • Relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Improved immune system
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Relieving joint and muscle pain

To experience these benefits first hand, book a Swedish back or full body massage in London and learn the etiquette before attending your treatment.

How does a Swedish massage differ to a Shiatsu massage?

While Swedish and Shiatsu massages are often compared, there are some key differences between the two treatments.

  1. Nudity. For a Swedish massage you will have to undress, at least your underwear. A Shiatsu can be performed over loose clothing.
  2. Focuses. While a Swedish massage focuses on relaxation and tension relief, you’re more likely to feel overall rejuvenation with a Shiatsu – as it focuses on expanding your energy levels.
  3. Flow. Swedish massage follows the direction of your blood flow back to the heart. Shiatsu, on the other hand, uses pressure point work to follows your energy path channels – much like traditional Chinese acupuncture.

What oil is used in Swedish massages?

One thing you’ll notice when experiencing Swedish massage in London is the range of oils there are to choose from. These oils add subtle fragrance to the environment and provide deep nourishment to the skin. Almond is among the most commonly used, but there’s a wide range available. Coconut and Jojoba oils are popular among people with nut allergies.

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