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If you’re a budding Brando, looking for a way to the West End or just want to try something new in and around London, why not try an acting class. They aren’t just for those who dream of treading the boards or living a Hollywood lifestyle. These group get-togethers or one-on-one sessions with experienced tutors are great for boosting confidence – so if you want to get prepared for a big meeting or just meet some like-minded folk, you’re sure to enjoy the experience. Find vouchers for a London acting class right here!

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London Burlesque Festival, 13 April - 29 June, Three Locations (Up to 73% Off)
London Burlesque Festival
Multiple Locations 0.6 km
£33.75 from £14.00
59% discount_off
City Comedy Club Entry for Up to Six at City Comedy Club, Central London (50% Off)
City Comedy Club Entry
London 2.3 km
£5.00 from £2.50
50% discount_off
Eight Beginner Latin Dance Classes: Available Combos Salsa and Bachata, or Cha Cha Cha and Mambo (Up to 80% Off)
Latin Dance Classes, W9
Paddington Academy 3.1 km
£35.00 from £9.00
74% discount_off
Circus Extreme, 12 April - 18 August, Five Locations (Up to 50% Off)
Circus Extreme
Multiple Locations 7.8 km
£26.00 from £13.00
50% discount_off
Absolute Beginners' or Medium Level Dance Class plus Drinks at Forró Family (Up to 68% Off)
Dance Classes, Greater London
London 1.4 km
£19.00 from £6.00
68% discount_off
Little Baby Bum Live, 23 July–3 August at Troubadour White City Theatre (Up to 26% Off)
Little Baby Bum Live
Troubadour White City Theatre 4.4 km
£16.50 from £12.25
26% discount_off
Cabaret Show with a Three-Course Dinner and Drinks for One, Two, Four or Six at Fest Camden (Up to 51% Off)
Cabaret with Dinner and Drinks
Camden 2.4 km
£59.00 from £29.95
49% discount_off
Complete Beginners' Tango: Two, Four or Six Classes at Tanguito - Argentine Tango Academy (Up to 63% Off)
Two Tango Classes for Beginners
Islington 2.4 km
£24.00 from £9.00
62% discount_off
Six Salsa and Six Bachata Classes for One or Two at London Fun Salsa (69% Off)
Six Salsa and Bachata Nights
Loves Company Bar 2.0 km
£72.00 from £22.00
69% discount_off
Four Beginners Kizomba for One or Two at Caramelo Latin Dance (Up to 78% Off)
Four Kizomba Dance Classes
Paddington Academy 3.1 km
£40.00 from £9.00
78% discount_off
Cabaret Show with Three-Course Dinner and Cocktail for Up to Ten at Proud Embankment (Up to 58% Off)
Cabaret Show with Dinner
London 0.8 km
£70.00 from £29.95
57% discount_off
Curly Treats Natural Hair Festival, One or Two Tickets, 27 July at Colesdale Farm, Northaw (Up to 40% Off)
Curly Treats Festival
£18.20 from £13.00
29% discount_off
Up to Four Burlesque Classes or a Two-Hour Workshop for One at Burlesque Dance Classes (Up to 60% Off)
Burlesque Class
London 3.6 km
£15.00 from £7.00
53% discount_off
Disco Cabaret Show with Two-Course Meal, Cocktail and Nightclub Entry for Up to Four at Café de Paris (Up to 40% Off)
Cafe de Paris Cabaret and Dinner
Piccadilly Circus 0.3 km
£65.00 from £39.00
40% discount_off
Ten Fitness Dance Classes with Nika's Dance Classes (82% Off)
Ten Fitness Dance Classes
Multiple Locations 7.8 km
£55.00 £10.00
82% discount_off
Two-Course Dinner with Cocktail and Burlesque Show for Up to Ten at Proud City (Up to 59% Off)
Two-Course Dinner and Show
London 2.0 km
£60.00 from £25.00
58% discount_off
Two Beginners' Bachata or Kizomba Latin Dance Classes and Party For One at Spice Amigos Mondays (50% Off)
Beginners' Dance Class and Party
The Loop Bar 0.9 km
£12.00 £6.00
50% discount_off
Five or Ten One-Hour Latin Dance Classes for One or Two with Latin Collective (Up to 84% Off)
Five One-Hour Latin Dance Classes
Multiple Locations 0.4 km
£35.00 from £9.00
74% discount_off
Five or Ten Salsa Dance Classes for One or Two at Funky Mambo Dance School (Up to 79% Off)
Five Salsa Dance Classes
Tufnell Park, North London 3.4 km
£35.00 from £10.00
71% discount_off
Pizza with Cocktail and Live Entertainment for Two or Four at The Cavendish Arms (Up to 56% Off)
Pizza, Cocktail and Entertainment
Stockwell London 2.3 km
£36.00 from £17.00
53% discount_off
Africa Fashion Week London, 9–10 August at Freemasons' Hall (Up to 40% Off)
Africa Fashion Week London
Freemason's Hall 0.5 km
£24.00 from £15.00
38% discount_off
Four or Eight 120-Minute Beginner Salsa Classes for One or Two at Baila Cuba Dance School (Up to 74% Off)
Four Salsa Classes
Multiple Locations 1.1 km
£24.00 from £8.95
63% discount_off
Five-Course Meal with Soul and Jazz Night Ticket for Up to 12 at The William Morris Bar and Kitchen (Up to 60% Off)
Five-Course Meal with Soul Music
Walthamstow 7.6 km
£49.99 from £27.95
44% discount_off
One or Three Pole Dance Classes for Beginners at Superwoman Pole Dance (Up to 44% Off)
Pole Dance Classes, Croydon
Croydon 8.7 km
£15.00 from £9.50
37% discount_off
Burlesque Show and Champagne Cocktail with Optional Meal for Up to Two at Privee Knightsbridge (Up to 59% Off*)
Show and Champagne Cocktail
London 1.9 km
£39.00 from £18.00
54% discount_off
Pizza Meal with Drink and Live Entertainment for Two or Four at The Cavendish Arms (Up to 53% Off*)
Booze, Food, Comedy and Music
Stockwell London 2.3 km
£31.10 from £15.00
52% discount_off
Three or Six Beginners' Tango Classes at Tango Fever (Up to 58% Off)
Three Beginners' Tango Classes
Multiple Locations 1.4 km
£36.00 from £15.00
58% discount_off

Acting classes in London: things to know before you go

Looking for advice on where to start your acting career? Here we answer some of the most-asked questions about the acting scene.

What's the best age to start acting?

For those bitten by the acting bug from an early age, the sooner in life the better! If your child expresses an interest in treading the boards, the best way for them to get started is the school play - where they can develop their confidence and passion for the stage in a familiar environment. Whether you're looking for acting classes for children or acting classes for adults, a quick online search can get you started.

How do I start my career as an actor?

There's no sure-fire route to stage or screen success, but there are plenty of things that you can do to give your acting career a head start.

  • Join your local amateur dramatics group. Attending regular meetups and productions with a bunch of like-minded lovers of the stage is the perfect way to practice your craft, improve your confidence, and have a lot of fun along the way.
  • Do your homework. If you're set on breaking into this industry, then you need to know your way around. Resources such as The Actor's Centre and The Actor's Guild of Great Britain can be a huge help as you get to grips with your new career move.
  • Sign up for every audition you can. from leading roles to stand-ins. When you’re done with your audition, ask for feedback where possible, so you can learn something from every experience - even if it doesn't go your way.

What are the best ways to improve my acting skills?

Practice, practice, practice! Attend as many workshops, acting classes and seminars as you can. When it comes to preparing for a performance or raising your audition game, some of the following might come in useful.

  1. Work on your voice. Your voice is your instrument, so work with it. Regular warm-ups will improve your range and expression, and you'll soon notice a difference.
  2. Improve your movement. Take time each day to exercise your body. Being comfortable in your own skin will help you to relax and become a more expressive performer.
  3. Read out loud. Train your voice and your brain with a variety of different readings from different genres and eras. The last thing you want to do is stumble at an audition, so stretch yourself and read widely. Out loud.
  4. Learn from others. Catch up with the latest films, TV and theatre, and you'll soon see what works best for you (and what doesn't) when it comes to acting.
  5. Take a class. Working alongside a professional will help you to develop your skills and learn some new ones.

Can I use my acting skills in everyday life?

The broad range of techniques taught at acting classes will equip you with performance skills that can easily be translated to everyday life. There's no time to be a shrinking violet as the support and guidance offered by professional course tutors will quickly bring you out of your shell. With classes in improvisation, interpretation and improvisation, many people use acting classes to boost their confidence. Armed with the confidence to express yourself clearly, you'll feel ready to take the stage for an audition – or a corporate presentation.

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