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Holland and Barrett Sales Calendar

Holland and Barrett Sales Calendar

Black Friday Deals and more


The Groupon guide to Holland and Barrett sales, offers and deals in 2021

Whether you're looking to change up your skin regime for something a little higher in quality, invest in some delicious vegan snacks or try some evening primrose oil for a natural remedy, a Holland and Barrett sale can help you do it for a whole lot less.

Holland and Barrett Black Friday sale 2021

Time is up, the Holland and Barrett Black Friday sale is over, which offered 15% off all orders, 20% off orders over £25 or 25% off orders over £50 for one day only. In the meantime, we've put together a handy guide to help you get the most of the Holland and Barrett discount codes. Expect 50% off or more on 100s of products in the Holland and Barrett Black Friday sale 2022, including:
  • Sports nutrition
  • CBD oil and supplements
  • Natural and vegan beauty
  • Faith in Nature shampoo, conditional and body wash

When is the Holland and Barrett Black Friday 2021 sale?

Black Friday took place on 26 November in 2021 with Cyber Monday falling on 29 November. Holland and Barrett usually start the Black Friday sale a little early, with the offers wrapping up around 1 December.

Holland and Barrett Black Friday offers from 2020

  • Sitewide: up to 25% off with a discount code
  • Save £25 on CBD Skincare Box, from £50 to £25
  • Save £15 on Precision Engineered Whey Protein Powder Cookies & Cream, from £29.99 to £14.99
  • Save £7.70 on Timed Release Vitamin B12 100 Tablets 1000ug, from £14.69 to £6.99

The best of the Holland and Barrett Black Friday sale 2021

Better than half price food and drink

Holland and Barrett Manuka HoneyAs the world becomes more and more health-conscious, H&B are enticing more customers to try healthy products by dropping prices in its Black Friday sale. We're talking manuka honey, skinny espressos, superfood-packed fruit and nut bars and much more at 25% off, Buy One Get One Half Price and more.

Better than half price vitamins and supplements

Holland and Barrett vitamins
Get your daily dose of vits A, B, C, D and beyond with these comprehensive supplements from trusted brands. Black Friday is a great chance to try incorporating these vitamins into your routine, so expect Holland and Barrett's own-brand range to feature alongside New Nordic and Jacob Hooy. Discounts range from 33% off to better than half price!

Better than half price sports nutrition

Holland and Barrett protein
A powerful tool in your health and fitness arsenal, H&B offers some seriously high-quality creatine, whey protein, l-lysine and much more. Invest in your development for less when the likes of PhD, Precision, Grenade and more come with savings including half price, 25% off, multipack deals and more this Black Friday.

Better than half price natural beauty

Holland and Barrett beautyBeauty is always a scene-stealer when it comes to a Black Friday event, and you'll find alluring, sustainable and in-demand hair and make-up items at Holland and Barrett. From Dr Organic natural skincare to Ethique's shampoo bars, fans of looking good are sure to feel great, especially with discounts of 50% and beyond this Black Friday. Our favourites from 2021 include more than 50% off Dr Organic Snail Gel, 50% (or £30) off beauty boxes and 40% off the Faith in Nature range.

Holland and Barrett Cyber Monday sale 2021

Whilst there were plenty of bargains to be had on Black Friday, Holland and Barrett's Cyber Monday deals was an equally good bet for a late November bargain. Discounts tend to be big and broad on Cyber Monday each year: with multi-product discounts from the likes of PhD Nutrition, Tree of Life, ManukaPharm and Holland and Barrett's own-brand products. There are often sitewide discounts too, so you can take your pick and enjoy money off whatever you want.

When is the Holland and Barrett Cyber Monday Sale?

The next H&B Cyber Monday sale is on Monday 28 November 2022, but we’re expecting discounts to continue until around 1 December.

Previous Holland and Barrett Cyber Monday offers

  • Sitewide: 20% off everything using a discount code
  • Save 50% on Dr Organic Skincare
  • Save £80 on Manuka Doctor Honey

Holland and Barrett Cyber Monday 2021 deal predictions

  • Sitewide: at least 20% off to match last year’s killer offer
  • 50% off or more on organic skincare products
  • 50% off or more on whey protein

Holland and Barrett Boxing Day Sale

When is the Holland and Barrett Boxing Day Sale?

No prizes for guessing here—the next H&B Boxing Day event is 26 December 2021.

Predicted Holland and Barrett Boxing Day deals

  • Vitamins - an easy way to improve your daily nutritional habits, Holland and Barrett has a range of vitamin products to help you maintain energy levels, enhance bone health, boost your immune system and a whole lot more. It's likely to be reduced in the Boxing Day sale.
  • Coffee and coffee substitutes - not all coffees are created equal, and Holland and Barrett only stocks the best of the best. We're talking Equal Exchange, Roastworks, Skinny Coffee Club, plus a load of caffeine-free alternatives. Expect discounts come Boxing Day!
  • Bathing - The Holland and Barrett Boxing Day Sale is a great time to treat yourself to some bathing products, from Urban Veda body scrubs to Faith in Nature body washes. Expect these to be cheaper on the day.

Previous Holland & Barrett Boxing Day Sale savings

  • Sitewide discounts:
    • 15% off when you spend £25
    • 20% off when you spend £50
    • 25% off when you spend £75

Holland and Barrett Penny Sale 2021

The most famous of its bespoke sales, the Holland and Barrett Penny Sale is a whole lot of savings packed inside a thoroughly brilliant concept. It's easy: Holland and Barrett takes its most popular items and makes buying multiples only a penny more than buying a single product. So if a tub of Precision Engineered Whey Protein costs £29.99, buying two tubs will cost you £30. An excellent spin on the classic buy-one-get-one-free sale, Holland and Barrett goes the extra mile by adding some of its biggest selling products into the mix. Check out our Holland and Barrett discount codes to save even more!

When is the Holland and Barrett Penny Sale 2021?

You'll find the Penny Sale operates year-round—you’ll need to be signed up to email to get Penny Sale updates in advance. The latest Penny Sale took place between 31 October to 16 November, with hundreds of products to boost your health regime.

Previous Holland and Barrett Penny Sale offers

  • Precision Engineered Whey Protein Vanilla 908g - 1 for £29.99, 2 for £15 each in the sale
  • Holland and Barrett Radiance Multi-Vitamins - 1 for £13.00, 2 for £7 each in the sale
  • Holland and Barrett Gentle Iron 20mg 90 capsules - 1 for £10.89, 2 for £5.45 each in the sale

Holland and Barrett Penny Sale 2021 predictions

  • Multi-vitamins — always popular onsite, we'd bet that the likes of BetterYou and Active Iron will feature this year. Save the trouble of buying multiple vitamins and get all their benefits in one handy product!
  • Protein: sports nutrition is always a big hitter on Holland and Barrett, so expect whey protein, protein bars and vegan protein to be available cheaper here.

Brands included in the Holland and Barrett Penny Sale

  • Miaroma
  • Twinings
  • Vitaskin
  • Eat Water
  • Natures Garden
  • Precision Engineered

How to save when there's no Holland and Barrett sale

  1. Discount codes. The first place to head to is the Holland and Barrett discount codes page on Groupon. If there are any codes worth using, this is where you’ll find them.
  2. Holland and Barrett's Offers page. With everything from Penny Sale information, to sitewide offers and product discounts, the promotions page is one that savers need to know about.
  3. Join the rewards club. Sign up to a Holland and Barrett account and get yourself a Holland and Barrett reward card. It's completely free to sign up and you'll get four points for every £1 you spend! Holland and Barrett will regularly convert your points into coupons—you'll be saving before you know it!
  4. Student discount. Students should head to the Holland and Barrett student discount page on StudentBeans for 20% off online and in-store purchases. Whether you're making vegan gains, trying natural deodorant or taking your hair care to the next level, you'll be doing so for less with a Holland and Barrett student discount.
  5. Newsletter savings. You’ll never miss a product drop or exclusive discount code, and Holland and Barrett will send you a 20% off code just to say thanks!

Holland and Barrett Sales Calendar

Groupon takes a deep dive into the Holland and Barrett sales that can help you save!

If you love Holland and Barrett, and you love discounts, our Holland and Barrett Sales Calendar will go down a treat. We've done some serious research into what products you can expect discounts on, and which sales to go for. Get saving on your supplements, health foods, natural beauty products and more!