Where to Shop in London 9.12.2015

Where To Shop In London   London is the UK’s capital and as far as shopping goes it is definitely one of the best cities in the world for a good shopping trip. Central London has the main and busiest shopping streets, lined with high street and designer stores. If you like everything in one place, try a shopping centre such as Westfield, or if you

Alexander McQueen Exhibition - Savage Beauty
Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty Comes To London At The V&AThe Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition comes to London as it opens its doors from March 14th to July 19th 2015 at the Victoria and Albert Museum.Savage Beauty covers McQueen’s career in fashion from his first MA graduate show in 1992 to his unfinished Autumn/Winter 2010 collection.
Where To Find The Best Manicures In London
If your nails are in need of some tender loving care or you fancy jazzing them up with nail art, then these top manicures will have your hands feeling pampered in no time. Here are the best manicures in London that are well worth a visit.
House of Fraser Women's Fashion Spring/Summer 2015
Recently, the department store group House of Fraser held a press day to showcase the highlights of their upcoming spring/summer collection. I was there as a fashion blogger, drinking in the patterns and textures and the sheer variety of choices presented, and now I’m here to share my impressions of the collection with you.
3 Interiors Blogs You Need in Your Life
My hunt for homewares, documented on my interiors blog, keeps me scrolling the inspiring words and photographs of my fellow interiors bloggers on a daily basis. I thought I’d share some of the more interesting finds...
The 5 Best Blow Dry Bars In London
If you are in need of a quick blow dry, London has some of the best blow dry bars that can get your short or long locks styled just the way you want them. Whether it’s an up do or a Hollywood style blow out you are after, this list should fit the bill and don’t worry you are not cheating on your hairdresser.
Aloe Vera is the New Coconut Oil!
Recently we discovered the versatility of coconut oil (there is literally nothing it can’t do!), continuing on this theme we discovered that aloe vera is coconut oils equally versatile cousin. Here are some of the incredible things you can use aloe vera for: Healing propertiesAloe vera is the best thing you can use to soothe a bad sunburn. It also
Top 5 Men’s Boutiques in London
In London there are so many different places to go shopping. There are of course the popular shopping areas in central London or, if you like everything under one roof, shopping centres like Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush and Stratford. However if you prefer your shopping a little less busy, try visiting one of these men’s boutiques for something a bit different.
Winter Beauty Tips
It’s a dream to be immune from the effects of the icy cold weather and have flawless and dewy skin. Maybe for some this may be possible but for the majority of us that suffer from thirsty skin and cracks in the skin barrier due to the dry and cold outsides and the indoor heat that only remains a dream. However not all is bad thanks to the beauty industry we now have everything it takes to have a moist and healthy looking winter.
Everything You Need to Know Before a Bikini Wax (But Were Afraid to Ask)
If you’ve never had a bikini wax, the whole situation sounds like a bit of a nightmare: you’re hanging out with a stranger who’s wearing pants, but you yourself are not wearing pants (and that stranger is planning on ripping hair from you're most delicate parts!).
5 Steps To Achieve Party-ready Smokey Eyes
When it comes to party make-up for the festive season, one look that you can not go wrong with is smokey-eye. However achieving a smokey eye look is not always the easiest thing to do. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to achieve the perfect smokey eye for a party-ready look.
How to Achieve a Kissable Missletoe Smile
This Christmas you may be hoping to catch the eye of an admirer under the mistletoe. With your party outfit ready what could go wrong? As you make your way over to the mistletoe, I’m thinking Mark Darcy is on the other side. You catch a glance in the mirror. Yikes! No one told you about that piece of spinach in your teeth after dinner. Oh dear.
Covent Garden Beauty Shopping Destination
The list of beauty brands in Covent Garden has grown so much over the years that it is now without a doubt the number one place in London for beauty lovers to shop. With a ton more character than the average department store - plus the added bonus of all the food and entertainment offerings in the area - Covent Garden is my number choice for beauty shopping.