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Where to Shop in London BY: PAULA HOLMES | 9.12.2015

Where To Shop In London   London is the UK’s capital and as far as shopping goes it is definitely one of the best cities in the world for a good shopping trip. Central London has the main and busiest shopping streets, lined with high street and designer stores. If you like everything in one place, try a shopping centre such as Westfield, or if you

Alexander McQueen Exhibition - Savage Beauty
Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty Comes To London At The V&AThe Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition comes to London as it opens its doors from March 14th to July 19th 2015 at the Victoria and Albert Museum.Savage Beauty covers McQueen’s career in fashion from his first MA graduate show in 1992 to his unfinished Autumn/Winter 2010 collection.
Where To Find The Best Manicures In London
If your nails are in need of some tender loving care or you fancy jazzing them up with nail art, then these top manicures will have your hands feeling pampered in no time. Here are the best manicures in London that are well worth a visit.
House of Fraser Women's Fashion Spring/Summer 2015
Recently, the department store group House of Fraser held a press day to showcase the highlights of their upcoming spring/summer collection. I was there as a fashion blogger, drinking in the patterns and textures and the sheer variety of choices presented, and now I’m here to share my impressions of the collection with you.
3 Interiors Blogs You Need in Your Life
My hunt for homewares, documented on my interiors blog, keeps me scrolling the inspiring words and photographs of my fellow interiors bloggers on a daily basis. I thought I’d share some of the more interesting finds...
The 5 Best Blow Dry Bars In London
If you are in need of a quick blow dry, London has some of the best blow dry bars that can get your short or long locks styled just the way you want them. Whether it’s an up do or a Hollywood style blow out you are after, this list should fit the bill and don’t worry you are not cheating on your hairdresser.
Aloe Vera is the New Coconut Oil!
Recently we discovered the versatility of coconut oil (there is literally nothing it can’t do!), continuing on this theme we discovered that aloe vera is coconut oils equally versatile cousin. Here are some of the incredible things you can use aloe vera for: Healing propertiesAloe vera is the best thing you can use to soothe a bad sunburn. It also
Top 5 Men’s Boutiques in London
In London there are so many different places to go shopping. There are of course the popular shopping areas in central London or, if you like everything under one roof, shopping centres like Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush and Stratford. However if you prefer your shopping a little less busy, try visiting one of these men’s boutiques for something a bit different.
Winter Beauty Tips
It’s a dream to be immune from the effects of the icy cold weather and have flawless and dewy skin. Maybe for some this may be possible but for the majority of us that suffer from thirsty skin and cracks in the skin barrier due to the dry and cold outsides and the indoor heat that only remains a dream. However not all is bad thanks to the beauty industry we now have everything it takes to have a moist and healthy looking winter.
5 Steps To Achieve Party-ready Smokey Eyes
When it comes to party make-up for the festive season, one look that you can not go wrong with is smokey-eye. However achieving a smokey eye look is not always the easiest thing to do. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to achieve the perfect smokey eye for a party-ready look.
How to Achieve a Kissable Missletoe Smile
This Christmas you may be hoping to catch the eye of an admirer under the mistletoe. With your party outfit ready what could go wrong? As you make your way over to the mistletoe, I’m thinking Mark Darcy is on the other side. You catch a glance in the mirror. Yikes! No one told you about that piece of spinach in your teeth after dinner. Oh dear.
Covent Garden Beauty Shopping Destination
The list of beauty brands in Covent Garden has grown so much over the years that it is now without a doubt the number one place in London for beauty lovers to shop. With a ton more character than the average department store - plus the added bonus of all the food and entertainment offerings in the area - Covent Garden is my number choice for beauty shopping.
6 Very Serious Things You Need To Consider When Choosing Your Christmas Jumper
Christmas jumpers have become such a phenomenon that there is now going to be a Christmas Jumper Day. Announced by Save The Children, it takes place on December 12th. This means you’d better be ready. Buying Christmas jumpers is serious business so here are six things you need to consider when choosing yours...
Top Beauty Advent Calendars for 2014
Advent calendars are not just about chocolate - now you can celebrate the countdown to Christmas with the best beauty products on the market. Beauty advent calendars have become a perfect gift. Take a look at what some of the top beauty brands have on offer with this selection.
Top 5 Wedding Dress Shops in London
Once you’ve gotten over the excitement of being engaged, you have a wedding to plan. Normally, looking for the dress is the first port of call, so which wedding dress shops are the best? Pull out your scrapbook or Pinterest board, (we all know you have them) and get ready because here are the top five wedding dress shops in London. Monica whistle optional.
The 5 Best Barbers in London
Movember, Hipster beard, 1980s mullet - whatever your grooming preference, it’s best to leave the styling to the experts. For a dapper beard trim and a top class haircut, head to one of the best barbers in London. Visiting these pros is an experience - not a mere five minute haste. The five best barbers in London are:
Why I Love Ministry of Waxing London
Waxing is up there with washing the dishes or filing a tax return on the list of things I don’t really want to do, but sort of have to. So with that in mind, a place that makes something that’s frankly unpleasant a quick and relatively pain free experience is what I need. The Ministry of Waxing London makes the nasty side of beauty far more bearable.
10 Must-Have Beauty Apps
Cosmetic reviews, makeup ‘how to’ guides, fitness programs - there’s an endless list of apps for all your beauty needs so I’ve put together a list of the best. The best beauty apps are:
24 Hours in London
You have 24 hours in London and want to jam in as much eating, drinking, sightseeing and shopping as possible? Look no further than our guide to everything you need to do to spend a great 24 hours in London. 09.00am: Start the Day with a Great Breakfast - Best London Brunch Spots 10.30am: Find a Jar of Moles 11.40am: Grab a Coffee with Some Cats! - London's Quirkiest Cafes 12.00pm: Try Some Vintage Shopping - Vintage Shopping in London 1pm: Lunch! - London's Best Street Food Burgers
8 Must Have Coats This Autumn/Winter 2014
When investing in a coat for winter, we look for something that will be practical to keep us warm throughout those very cold days but also something that’s fashionable too. This season there are so many trends, there really is something for everyone. If you had a pink pastel coat last year, hold onto it, as it’s still very much in fashion.
Want to Start a Blog? London Fashion Blogger Paula Holmes Shares her Experience...
Working with bloggers through a digital agency inspired Paula to come home one night and start typing her own words of inspiration. The LDN Diaries was born and its success has allowed Paula to become a full time blogger.How long did it take you to become a successful blogger?I have been blogging for two years now and it’s really in this last year
Introducing Paula Holmes
Living in North London, Paula is a freelance writer, a social media habitué, a shopping addict and the passionate author of the highly successful fashion blog, The LDN Diaries. Get to know Paula...How did you get into blogging?I used to work at a digital agency dealing with bloggers on a daily basis, reading their own little portals of the internet
Top 5 Women's Boutiques in London
If you head off the beaten track of the main shopping streets in London such as Oxford and Regent Street you will come across some of the best boutiques to shop at. Filled with unique labels and brands, they offer something a little different from London’s main high street stores. Here are my favourites:
Review of the Four Seasons Spa London
I’ve been lucky enough to go to The Spa at the Four Seasons a couple of times and enjoy the facilities and treatments. This London spa is a patch of paradise and here’s why I love it:
Facial Oils - A New Beauty Trend
We’ve seen the many benefits that we receive from consuming oils in our meals and applying oil to our hair, however a new type of oil has appeared in the beauty industry and has become a recent trend.
5 Tips for Surviving London Fashion Week
The lights go down, the music starts and the models come down the runway in next season’s must-have garments. Five minutes later, it’s over and you are onto the next show. London Fashion Week is a fast paced few days and so there are a number of essential items that can help you survive the otherwise not always so glamorous and chaotic time in the
Why I Love Selfridges Beauty Workshop and Beauty Hall
When it comes to beauty shopping, you really can’t beat Selfridges. With it’s main beauty hall and it’s beauty workshop you can get pretty much anything your heart desires. The beauty hall is filled with the usual beauty hall brands of Chanel, Dior, Clarins, Clinique - plus a fantastic MAC stand, and the newest thing to hit beauty blogger’s radars: Charlotte Tilbury. A collection by make-up artists to the stars (and best mate to Kate Moss) contains some really covetable products - the Dolce Vita eye shadow palette being top of many a shopping list.
10 Vintage Wedding Ideas for the Quirky Bride
10 vintage wedding ideas for the quirky brideVintage bus - hire a vintage bus to transport your guests from your ceremony to your reception venue. on your bike an old bike basket as a flower vaseuse an old bathtub for your drinks!fr
6 London Fashion Week 2014 Events You Must Attend
September is a big month for fashion lovers in the capital as London Fashion Week takes place across the city. From the 12th September until the 16th, celebrities, fashion industry insiders, press and bloggers descend upon Somerset House to get a glimpse of what we will be wearing for SS15. For those of us who aren’t able to attend, here’s a taster of fashion events happening pre, during and post London Fashion Week that you can get involved with and most of them are free!
Speed Beauty: 3 Salons for When You're Running on London Time
Fast and efficient is sometimes just what you need when it comes to some of the more routine beauty treatments. You want somewhere where you just pop in when it suits and get seen to quickly, leaving without a massive hole in your wallet. As nice as it is to be pampered, sometimes you just don’t have enough hours in the day and need to get in and out as fast as possible.
Best Places to go for a Pedicure in London
Why is it that the warmer weather seems to creep up on you and arrive when you’re least ready for it? With the changeable British weather being as it is, we seem to be able to go from rainy and grey to warm sunshine and back again in a single day. When the sun comes out, so do the feet so here’s a little run down of three best places to head to to get your feet in tip top condition so that when the sun shows its face - you’re ready to go.
A Guide to the Best Shopping in London
Where will you find the best shopping in London? Shopaholics gather 'round because London style blogger Jen Riley has shared her recommendations for the city's top shopping spots. Whether you want to raid the high streets or discover the hidden gems, this guide will help you to shop 'till you drop.
The Best Spas in London
We asked top beauty blogger Jen Riley from 'A Beauty Junkie in London' to recommend her favourite spas in London. The brief: 'Only recommend places you genuinely love regardless of whether they are associated with Groupon or not'. So in no particular order, here are the best spas in London...
Review of the Elemis Day Spa
There’s not much out there that’s more relaxing than escaping to a spa and easing the stresses of daily life away with a lovely massage or facial...
Review of Aveda Institute, London
The Aveda Institute is a mega-salon in the heart of London but somehow it still feels a bit like an undiscovered gem. Whilst it’s a big building, emblazoned with the Aveda logo and based right in the centre between Tottenham Court Road, Holborn and Covent Garden Stations, it still feels like something special when you get to go there - a bit like y
Review of Re:SPA in Canary Wharf
Beauty blogger Jen Riley experienced Re:SPA in Canary Wharf. Read her review of this London spa...
My Experience of Laser Hair Removal
Every time spring rolls around there’s a few things that cross my mind - one, regretting that extra portion of macaroni cheese or whatever else fattening (but delicious) food I’ve overindulged in over the colder months and two, hair removal. The approach of the warmer months means showing some skin is on the cards. This year I decided to take the p
Shave, Wax, Cream or Laser? Which Hair Removal Routine is Best?
With so many ways to remove hair from your body, sometimes it’s hard to know which method to use. So here’s a very speedy run down of the pros and cons of hair removal methods.Shaving:Pros: it’s quick and easy; leaves skin feeling silky smooth.Cons: regrowth is stubbly and can be fast, depending on how fast your hair grows; threat of ingrown hairs.
A Local's Guide to Shoe Shopping in London
London really is one of the best places to shop in the world, but along with having the biggest selection, comes the biggest confusion over where to find that certain item you’re looking for. So this post is a whistle-stop guide to shopping for shoes in the big smoke.
Thinking About Starting a Blog? London Blogger Jen Riley Shares Her Experience...
Jen Riley is the author of the highly successful beauty blog A Beauty Junkie in London. She also writes for Groupon's City Guide. We asked her to share her experience of what it's like to be a full time blogger and how her blog rose to success.

How did you get into blogging?

In a quiet moment in a previous job, where I was a bit bored and lacking a creative outlet - I started it whilst on my lunch break whilst thinking it would be a way to do a bit of fun writing in my free time.

How long did it take you to become a successful blogger and what's the secret of your success?

It depends what you call a successful blogger - I quit my full time job to do this after just under five years of blogging - so could say five years? My success was down to hard work and dedication I guess, just keeping at it, keeping content going and always adapting to changing styles and trends - constantly trying to improve.

How did you get such a big following on Twitter?

I think people maybe just love to hear what I'm having for lunch or what lipstick I'm obsessed with that week...! Seriously though, I think it's just about being active on there - not just tweeting out your blog links and that's all. Chat to people, ask questions and get involved in conversations.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting their own blog?

Go for it, but do it for the love of it - if you're going into it with money as the goal then it will feel like a lot of hard work. Do it because you love it and then if opportunities come your way it's an amazing bonus rather than the goal.

If you have a full time job, where do you get the motivation to blog in the evenings/on weekends?

I blog full time now, but did it alongside a full time job for five years - the motivation was always just because I loved it. It was something that I had created from nothing and had total creative freedom over - so that always kept me blogging!

If you had to blog about one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

Probably spas... I love pampering and whilst I love beauty in general - reviewing spa treatments is definitely something I can't get enough of! Especially far flung exotic spas...given half a chance that is!

Where do you think blogging is going? Do you think blogs will still be relevant in 5 years? Do you need to adapt to stay current?

Oh, a big question I could probably write an essay on - I think blogs are currently going in a direction where them and magazines are sort of merging into one- magazines wanting to be more like blogs and blogs more like glossy magazines. I think there will be fewer and fewer paper copies of magazines and blogs will become more the norm - but I think the market will become more competitive creating a bigger 'gap' between those who do it as a job and those who do it for fun. I am hoping they will still be relevant in five years...or else I'm out of a job! But I do think the key will be to adapt and change and never rest on your laurels.

What are your favourite blogs?

So many to name - Vivanna Does Make-up, Zoe London, The Londoner, Pearls and Poodles and many many more! Click here to read Jen's inspirational articles
Review of So SPA at Sofitel Hotel, St James
If you're looking for something relaxing to do in London, So SPA at The Softiel Hotel, St James is located right in the heart of London. It's just a short distance away from the hubs of both Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square, but once you're inside, you immediately escape in to a world of relaxation and tranquility.
Oxford Street's Best Kept Beauty Secrets
Oxford Street is a shopper’s paradise, there’s no denying that. From Tottenham Court Road to Marble Arch, the whole street is lined with shop after shop selling anything from cheesy tourist souvenirs to one of a kind vintage dresses and everything in between.
Top Five Hair and Beauty Salons in London
In London, when it comes to keeping groomed and glossy, it’s pretty easy to spend half the month’s rent as quickly as you can yelp from a hot wax strip being whipped off. But in the interest of looking (and feeling) good - but not spending a fortune, I have five salons that are all worth checking out.
St Christopher’s Place Shopping Guide
If you’re walking along Oxford Street, towards Marble Arch you may have noticed a purple clock and a sign close to Bond Street tube station, next to H&M. If you look to your right you’ll see a small passage that maybe doesn’t look like anything special, but if you look up you will see a silver globe, topped with a sparkly man, welcoming you to the the lesser-known boutique shopping area of St Christopher’s Place.
Review of Guild Hairdressing and Beauty Salon
King’s Road, Chelsea has had a little injection of Parisian style recently with the opening of Guild Hairdressing. Located on King’s Road, it’s the first for London, but second in the Guild Family, following the success of the Paris branch located in the heart of the city.
A Local's Guide to Shopping on Regent Street
When it comes to shopping in London, it’s easy to migrate towards the obvious - Oxford Street. Of course there is nothing wrong with Oxford Street - it has pretty much all the heart could desire in terms of shopping. However, Oxford Street can sometimes lack the ‘wow’ factor - it’s a great shopping street, but that’s about it.
Kiko Milano Store Opens on Regent Street
London is a tough city to beat when it comes to shopping - with so many shopping destinations it’s hard to know where to start when wanting to splash some cash. On the beauty front (my favourite shopping category) it’s a tough call between mooching around the multiple department stores with their expansive beauty halls – which have really upped their game recently – or sticking with the reliable options of Boots or Superdrug. Recently there’s been a few new additions to the London make up offering in the shape of stand-alone brand stores. The latest to pop up is KIKO Make Up Milano which recently opened on Regent Street.
Getting Party Prepped: At Home and in the Salon
When it comes to getting ready for a party there are two options – do it yourself or turn to the professionals. DIY or professional glam squad - either way, here’s my favourite products for getting party prepped.
Vintage Shopping Across London
Vintage is one of those things that is regularly mentioned when it comes to London style. It seems that Londoners have an ability to pick up something old in a second hand store, pair it with something new from a high street store like Topshop, and really make it work. For me, vintage is all about finding something that’s unique and timeless - something old that can be worn now. There are many treasure troves of vintage garms to be explored across London and these are a few of my favourites.
Is the Best Moisturiser £100 or £10? Dispel the Myths
Moisturising is one such routine (or chore), which tends to land in the 'meant to but forgot' camp. We all know the importance of moisturising and hydration for our skin and general health, but with a lifestyle which doesn't lend itself to pamper evenings and long baths, moisturising can often slip to the back of the priority list for busy working women (much like taking makeup off before bed or using one of the many hair masks which are piled up high in the bathroom). But with an increasingly demanding, high stress working life, long hours, late nights and a few bottles of red wine to help sooth the pain - is hydration, and therefore moisturising, something we should all be putting higher up on our priority list?