Fancy a whirl, glide, slide, twirl and a spin on the ice? When you go ice skating in Swindon you are sure to have a fantastic time! Whether you have never strapped on a pair of ice skates before, or whether you were turning somersaults on the ice before breakfast this morning, you can use these vouchers to get up to a whopping seventy percent off Swindon ice skating experiences at the skating rink of your choice! So why not try something new, or just get money off your favourite hobby, with our brilliant leisure offers! Make sure to check out all of our other leisure offers as well if you liked this one. We have so many more amazing vouchers on offer!

These vouchers are great for groups!

Going ice skating in Swindon in especially good fun if you go with your friends. This holds whether you are using your friends to hang on to as you glide along the ice, or whether you want to compete with them as to who can do the best pirouette! Here at Groupon we love it when our customers have fun with their friends, so why not get enough vouchers for all of you? That way, you can all enjoy some discount ice skating in Swindon together. Just get as many vouchers as you need from the Groupon website, and get ready for some fantastic ice skating in Swindon with all of your mates!

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